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Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs), Projects, and Practices

AWE's holistic approach to student success is expressed through its various campuswide activities designed to support academic wellness among students, faculty, and staff.  These activities are in various stages of development (see below) and in various places in the AWEsome Lifecycle .

Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs):  FIGs are groups of faculty, staff, students, and administrators who lead focused inquiries into various needs and issues on campus.  FIGs ask questions while gathering information and begin movement toward possible innovative solutions and changes that enhance student success.  FIGs are formed as needs or issues arise, can have as many members as necessary, meet as often as each group sees fit, and continue so long as the inquiry process necessitates.

Projects:  When a FIG has completed its inquiry process, it may move into the Project phase in which FIG members and/or other campus members implement, evaluate, and measure activities.

Practices:  A Practice is a plan to sustain a Project that has been shown to be effective.

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2016-2017 Active AWE Activities:

AAC Support Lindsay Laney
AAC Writing Center Lindsay Laney
AWE Facilitation Lindsay Laney & Laureen Campana
Financial Literacy Michael Igoe
First Semester Experience Alicia Kolstad
Foster Youth Stephanie Beaver Alder
GED Jill Olson
Math Support Anne Cavagnaro
Net Tutor TBD
Off Campus Tutoring Lindsay Laney
On Ramp Karin Rodts                           
On the Road Laureen Campana & Brandon Price
Student Worker In-Service Anneka Rogers Whitmer & Lindsay Laney
Textbooks Reserve Wendy Griffiths-Bender
Veterans Michael Igoe
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