Midterm Report Evidence - October 2021 Midterm Report Evidence - October 2021

2.1.A.14.f-Description of POP and TTKL activities

2.1.I.A.2.a-SLO Comm.Academic Senate.College Council minutes-adopting new ISLOs

2.1.I.A.2.b-Table showing CSLO to ISLO Mappings Completed

2.1.I.B.2-Program Review Files-Chemistry and Entrepreneurship.Sp2019

2.1.I.B.7.a-IEC minutes indicating Establishment of Chunking Committee

2.1.I.B.7.b-IEC Minutes illustrating work of Chunking Committee

2.1.I.C.3.a-Sp20 review of ISLO data college-wide

2.1.I.C.5.a-Revised College Academic Integrity Policy from 2021-22 Catalog

2.1.I.C.5.b-IEC Chunking Committee Catalog Policy Spreadsheet 2021


2.1.II.A.11.b-Senate and SLO Committee minutes illustrating revisions of SLO structure to improve effectiveness

2.1.II.A.12.a-Screenshot of Current Class Search GE filter

2.1.II.A.12.b-Screenshot of Starfish Student Planner GE search

2.1.II.A.12.c-Screenshot of new Self Service GE filter

2.1.II.A.14.a-Minutes of Spring 2021 CTE Advisory meetings - folder screenshot

2.1.II.A.14.b-Revisions to Welding - new fabrication course outline

2.1.II.A.14.c-2016-17 program awards vs 2021-22 program awards

2.1.II.A.15.a-Program Viability Majority Report - Auto Body

2.1.II.A.15.b-Program Viability Majority Report - Office Technology

2.1.II.A.15.c-Columbia College PRT Institutional Innovation and Effectiveness Plan-04.27.2020

2.1.II.A.15.d-Title III Grant Logic Model and Budget Summary

2.1.II.A.15.e-Screenshot of Columbia College courses in cvc.edu

2.1.II.A.16.a-In-Service Agendas showing Program Review presentations

2.1.II.A.16.b-Prioritization of Faculty Hiring Requests

2.1.II.A.16.c-College Council minutes re budget development and funding of resource requests

2.1.II.A.16.d-Existing and in-progress new Faculty Hiring Prioritization Process

2.1.II.A.16.e-Strategic Staffing Diagram

2.1.II.A.3.a-Contract language re faculty participation in SLO process

2.1.II.A.3.c-Fall 2020 Assessment Completion List

2.1.II.A.4.a-Job description for Program Specialist for CAEP

2.1.II.A.4.b-ESL Offerings and Enrollments by Term 2017-2021

2.1.II.A.5.a-Screenshot of Online Catalog Programs of Study

2.1.II.A.5.b-Screenshot of new Programs of Study webpages

2.1.II.A.5.c-Examples of Program Advising Guides

2.1.II.A.5.d-Program Webpage Illustrating Advising Guides

2.1.II.A.5.e-Sample eLumen Program with Recommended Sequence

2.1.II.A.5.f-Nested Programs of Study in Catalog

2.1.II.B.3.a-Student Services SLO Statements

2.1.II.B.3.b-DSPS SLO Assessment Summary

2.1.II.B.3.c-TRIO SLO Assessment Summary

2.1.II.C.2.b-Report of Active Education Plans in Starfish 8.17.2021

2.1.II.C.3-Screenshots illustrating expansion of best practices

2.1.II.C.5.a-Communications to Students about Starfish

2.1.II.C.7.a-Screenshot of Math Self-Placement webpage

2.1.II.C.7.b-Catalog pages showing math placement advice

2.1.II.C.7.c-Catalog pages showing English placement advice

2.1.II.C.7.d-YCCD Factbook 2021

2.1.III.A.14.a-TLC Report in Academic Senate Newsletter

2.1.III.A.14.b-Sample Flex Day Agendas hosted by TLC

2.1.III.A.14.c-TLC Report 2017-2018

2.1.III.A.14.d-TLC Report 2019-2020

2.1.III.A.14.e-Report on Video Broadcast TTKL 12.2020

2.1.III.A.14.f-Description of POP and TTKL Activities

2.1.III.B.3.a-Software Demonstration Calendar Appointments

2.1.III.B.4.a-College Technology Committee Minutes 2020.10.22

2.1.III.B.4.b-College Council minutes November 2020 adopting District TCO as our plan

2.1.IV.A.7.a-Spring 2018 survey results and word cloud

2.1.IV.A.7.b-Spring 2021 survey results and analysis

3.1.a-2021.02.09 Board Policy Committee Minutes

3.1.C2 g-Distance Education Addendum Example from eLumen

3.1.C2.c-Learning Design and Technology SAC

3.1.C2.d-Screenshot of Getting Started Module faculty training

3.1.C2.e-Screenshot of RefEffContact Module for faculty training

3.1.C2.f-Instructor Expectations and Resources for RegEffContact

3.1.C3.b-Draft Revisions to Governance Handbook

3.1.C4.a-Accreditation Follow-Up Report - February 2019 – Final

3.1.C4.b-YCCD IT TCO Feb 2019

3.1.D2.a-Yosemite_Total Cost of Ownership Report-3-1-19

3.1.D2.c-Resource Allocation Model for 2021-22

3.1.D2.d-District Fiscal Advisory Council illustrating Fiscal Four discussions

3.1.D2.e-YCCD Equity Faculty Job Description Template – 2021

3.1.D2.f-College Services Committee Agenda 2020.10.09

3.1.D2.g-2021_02.24 District Council Minutes Re Strategic Master Planning

3.1.D3.a-2017.12.13-Board Resolution Re Delegation of Authority to CEOs

3.1.D3.b-2019.02.13 - Board Study Session with ACCJC VP Reynolds

3.1.D3.c-2019.02.19-BOT Study Session Agenda with CCLC rep William McGinnis

3.1.D3.d-Summary of Board Collective Voting Record

3.1.D3.e-2021.02.10 BOT Minutes; Approval of Due Process Board Policy

3.1.D3.f-2021.09.01-Board Study Session-Professional Development for a High Performing Board

3.1.D3.g-2021.09.08-Board Study Session-Review of ACCJC Std IV

3.1.D3.h-Yosemite CCD BOT Training_Sept2021_BOTmtg 9-8-2021

3.1.D3.i-Board Study Session-Clifton's Strengths

3.1.D3.j-2021.09.29-Board Study Session-Brown Act

3.2.1-Integrated Program Review and SLO Cycle

3.2.2.a-2020.11.02 IEC Minutes re new Institution Set Standards

3.2.2.b 2020_11.20 College Council Minutes re new Institution Set Standards

3.2.2.c-Columbia College CTEOS College Summary 2020

4.1.1.a-Fillable Program Review pdf template

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