ACCJC Follow-Up Report 2019 ACCJC Follow-Up Report 2019


Evidence for District Recommendation 1                                                                        

Evidence for District Recommendation 4                                                                      

DR1-1: CC College Services Committee Meeting Minutes, 040418

DR1-2: MJC Facilities Council Meeting Minutes, 041618

DR1-3: Facilities TCO PowerPoint Presentation April 2018

DR1-4: District Council Meeting Minutes 042518

DR1-5: Email from S. Yeager re: TCO Facilities 06.18.18 

DR1-6: District Council Meeting Minutes (Item 5) 04.25.18

DR1-7: YCCD TCO Facilities Plan Draft 11.13.18

DR1-8: YCCD Facilities TCO Plan Draft - Industry Standards, p. 28

DR1-9: YCCD TCO Facilities Plan, Accreditation Standards (p. 31-32)

DR1-10: District Council Meeting Minutes 092618, item 4a

DR1-11: District Council Meeting Minutes 102418, item 1c and 2)

DR1-12: MJC Facilities Council Meeting 091718

DR1-13: YCCD Board of Trustees Minutes 11.14.18

DR1-14: TCO PowerPoint Presentation to the BOT 11.14.18

DR1-15:  MJC Academic Senate Minutes 01.24.19

DR1-16: CC Academic Senate Meeting Unapproved 011019

DR1-17: MJC College Council Meeting Minutes 01.28.19

DR1-18: CC College Services Committee Meeting Minutes 10.12.18

DR1-19: District Technology Meeting Minutes 020618

DR1-20: District Technology Working Group 041718

DR1-21: District Technology Working Group 072418

DR1-22: District Technology Working Group 110218

DR1-23: YCCD IT TCO Plan

DR1-24:  MJC Academic Senate Minutes 12.06.18

DR1-25:  MJC College Council Minutes 121018

DR1-26:  CC Council Minutes 01.18.2019 (unapproved)

DR1-27:  YCCD Computer Inventory and  Replacement /Aging Report

DR1-28:  CC Computer Purchase Summary Feb 2018

DR1-29:  MJC College Technology Committee Minutes 12.04.2018

DR1-30:  CC Technology Comm Minutes 02.22.18

DR1-31:  YCCD Technology TCO Plan - Process (page 12)

DR1-32:  YCCD Technology TCO Plan Rubric (page 15)

DR1-33:  YCCD Computer Inventory and  Replacement /Aging Report

DR1-34:  YCCD Facilities TCO Plan - Cost Estimates

DR1-35:  YCCD Special Projects Funding Guidelines DRAFT (Capital Projects)

DR1-36:  CC Admin Team Mtg Notes 112018

DR1-37:  Project Management Tool (WRIKE)

DR1-38:  Technology requests for project priorities (meeting notes)

DR1-39:  MJC SWF Funded Project Mtg Notes 081318

DR1-40:  Status re: Hospitality Management Facility Project

DR1-41:  BOT Minutes, John Muir Project Approval 061318

DR1-42:  2017-18 End-of-Year Purchases - Salary Savings

DR1-43:  YCCD Information Technology  Meeting Minutes 020218

DR1-44:  Electronic Document Workgroup Minutes 07.18.17

DR1-45:  Electronic Docs RFP 072417

DR1-46:  Electronic Doc Vendor Rubric

DR1-47:  SoftDocs Workflow

DR1-48:  BOT Special Study Session Minutes 12.18.18

DR1-49:  MJC Vision Goal Setting Plan

DR1-50:  CC Vision Goal Setting Plan

DR1-51:  District Fiscal Advisory Committee Minutes 1.31.2019

DR1-52:  MJC Facilities Council PowerPoint Presentation

DR1-53:  Columbia College Small Capital Projects Presentation

DR1-54:  MJC Student Areas Remodel: Leveraged Funding

DR1-55:  SoftDocs Title III Expenditure Transfer

DR1-56:  2017-2018 Approved Program Review and Shared Institutional Needs Requests funded by IELM

DR1-57:  MJC Resource Allocation Council Meeting Minutes 011918

DR1-58:  CC PC Upgrade IELM 2018

DR4-1:  2017.08.09-BOT Minutes

DR4-2:  2017.12.13-Board Resolution Re Delegation of Authority to CEOs

DR4-3:  2017.12.13-BOT Agenda

DR4-4:  2017.12.13-BOT Minutes

DR4-5:  2018.04.11-BOT Minutes

DR4-6:  2018.08.08-BOT Study Session and Regular Meeting Agenda

DR4-7:  2018.08.08-BOT Study Session and Regular Meeting Minutes

DR4-8:  2018.09.24-BOT Study Session Agenda

DR4-9:  2018.09.24-BOT Study Session Minutes

DR4-10:  2018.09.24-PowerPoint Presentation of CCLC Rep Robert Pacheco

DR4-11:  2018.09.24-PowerPoint Presentation of CCLC Rep William McGinnis

DR4-12:  2018.09.24-Study Session Consultants Discussion Agenda and Gap Analysis

DR4-13:  2018.10.10-BOT Minutes

DR4-14:  2018.10.24-ACCT Leadership Congress Program

DR4-15:  2018.11.14-BOT Minutes

DR4-16:  2018.12.12-BOT Minutes

DR4-17:  2018.12.18-BOT Study Session Agenda

DR4-18:  2018.12.18-BOT Study Session Minutes

DR4-19:  2018.12.18-PowerPoint Presentation of CCLC Rep Robert Pacheco

DR4-20:  2018.12.18-PowerPoint Presentation on Vision for Success

DR4-21:  2018-19 Board Special Priorities

DR4-22:  2019.01.04-ALO outreach to ACCJC VP

DR4-23:  2019.01.09-BOT Agenda Item BP7400

DR4-24:  2019.01.09-BOT-Approved First Reading of Revised BP 7400 Travel

DR4-25:  2019.01.25-CCLC Effective Trusteeship Workshop Agenda

DR4-26:  2019.02.13-BOT Study Session Agenda with ACCJC VP

DR4-27:  2019.02.19-BOT Study Session Agenda with CCLC rep William McGinnis

DR4-28:  CCCCO Vision for Success

DR4-29:  Off Campus Office Hours

DR4-30:  Second Round Presidential Interview Participants

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