Academic Senate Resolutions Academic Senate Resolutions

Resolution Guidelines and Procedures Revision SU20


FA23-A Increasing Opportunities for Graduation Participation for Columbia College Students

FA21-A Standards of Shared Governance Participation for Columbia College Faculty
FA21-B Part-Time Compensation for Committees
FA21-C Officers Serving a Second Term 
FA21-E Adoption of a New Columbia College Mascot (Indefinitely Postponed)
SP22-A Addition of Juneteenth, Cesar Chavez Day, and Native American Day (Not Approved by District)


SP20-A Officers Serving a Second Term

SP19-A Reducing Multiplicity on Student Learning Outcome Data

SP18-A Faculty Hiring Proposal 2-Year
SP18-B Standardized Course Syllabus Accessibility Statement
FA17-A SLO Assessment Data Collection

SP17-B Safe Environment Resolution
SP17-A E-Card Senate Resolution

SP16-B Three Year CSLO Assessment Cycle
SP16-A Assessment Data and Faculty Evaluation
FA15-E Officers Serving a Second Term
FA15-D GE Pattern
FA15-C Adopting Canvas as the Course Management System for YCCD
FA15-B Minimum Enrollment
FA15-A Online PDF Schedule of Classes

SP15-A Faculty Scholarship Process Amendment


SP13-B Reassigned Time
SP13-A Faculty Scholarship Change
FA12-B Officers Serving a Second Term 
FA12-A Supporting Faculty during the Paperless Class Roster Transition


SP11-D Support of Responsible Budget Reductions
SP11-C Adopt International Baccalaureate for GE
SP11-B Accept DD-214 Units and Certification for GE Area E
SP11-A Adopt College Level Exam Program for GE
FA10-B Officers Serving a Second Term
FA10-A Support of Maintaining the Student Center in its Current Location

SP10-E Standards of Shared Governance Participation for Columbia College Faculty
SP10-D Recognize the AWE Steering Committee as a College-Wide Committee with Academic Senate Representation
SP10-C Opposition to Participation in the CCC-Kaplan MOU
SP10-B Guidelines for Determining Course Overloads
SP10-A Student Learning Outcomes as a Senate Committee
FA09-B Support of CCC Funding for Online95 Library Information Resources and Services Needed by Students and Faculty
FA09-A Graduation Course Requirements Accommodation Policy

SP09-B Graduation Participation Resolution
SP09-A Recommended Changes to the Faculty Hiring Proposal Process
FA08-A Placing Courses Within Disciplines

FA07-A Support of CC Governance, Funding Stabilization, and Student Fee Reduction Act

SP07-A Faculty Scholarship Award Amounts
FA06-C Plus/Minus Grading System for CC
FA06-B Orientation to College: Guidance 107 Class
FA06-A Course Description in the Semester Class Schedules

SP06-E Curriculum Committee Support Staff
SP06-D Institutionalizing Funding for Online Instruction
SP06-C Sabbatical Leave Funding for Faculty
SP06-B District Budget for Staff Development
SP06-A CC Student Athlete Priority Registration Agreement
FA05-B Resources for Learning Support
FA05-A CC Learning Disability Specialist Hire

SP05-F Reorganization of Central Services
SP05-E Food and Water
SP05-D Smoke Free Campus
SP05-C Faculty Scholarship Donation and Awards
SP05-B Faculty Scholarship
SP05-A Faculty Scholarship Eligibility
FA04-B Academic Calendar
FA04-A Support of Bond Measure E

SP04-B Usage and Application of Program/Service Reduction Criteria
SP04-A CSU GE Certification

SP03-B Graduation Ceremony
SP03-A YCCD Recommendation Board Policy for Priority of Faculty Professional Development
FA02-H Academic Senate
FA02-G Creation of Testing Center
FA02-F Equal Opportunities for Domestic Partners of All YCCD Employees
FA02-E Appropriation of Growth Funds
FA02-D Don't Cancel That Class!
FA02-C Constitutional Review and Revision
FA02-B Office Location of the Dean of Arts and Sciences
FA02-A Open Election for First Vice President


SP01-C Senate President Solicit Faculty Participation in Shared Governance
SP01-B Sixteen Week Compressed Calendar
SP01-A Counselors and Librarians Recognized as Faculty

SP00-A Officer Serving a Second Term

SP99-A Program Funding
FA98-D 'Drop' Signatures
FA98-C Campus Security Concerns
FA98-B Inclusion of Curriculum Changes in the YCCD Board Consent Agenda
FA98-A Plus-Minus Grading

SP98-F Officer Serving a Second Term
SP98-E 'Add' Slip Authorization (2-week)
SP98-D 'Add' Slip Authorization (1-week)
SP98-C Equivalent Course Credit for GE Requirements for Associate Degrees, Majors, and Certificates
SP98-B Advance Placement Credit to Fulfill UC/CSU IGETC Requirements
SP98-A Advance Placement Credit for Transfer to CSU Campuses
FA97-B Development of a 2+2+1 Master Schedule
FA97-A Exploration of a 2+2+1 Instruction Schedule

SP97-D Additions to the Policy for the Dean's List
SP97-C Faculty Policy for Credit by Examination
SP97-B Graduation Requirements ('D' Grade)
SP97-A Computer Literacy Graduation Requirement
FA96-A Goods and Services

SP96-I Reserved Parking Spaces for Selected Administrators
SP96-H  Free Parking for Faculty and Staff  FAILED
SP96-G Tentative Agreements Between the Board and Columbia College
SP96-F Curriculum Program Specialist
SP96-E Postponement of Presidential Selection Process
SP96-D Negotiations with the YCCD Board of Trustees
SP96-C Assistant Dean Search Process
SP96-B Communication in Shared Governance Matters
SP96-A No Confidence in Chancellor
FA95-I Dean's List
FA95-H Library Committee
FA95-G Acceptance of Accrediting Bodies
FA95-F Independent Study
FA95-E Final Exams
FA95-D Formation of Ad Hoc for General Education Units Requirement for Associate Degree
FA95-C Board of Trustee Position (joint resolution with MJC)
FA95-B Distance Learning (joint resolution with MJC)
FA95-A Credit by Examination

Prior to FA95
Resolution N - Constitutional Amendment (SP95)
Resolution M - General Education Breadth Requirements for the AA/AS Degree (FA94)
Resolution L - IGETC Breadth Requirements (FA94)
Resolution K - Constitutional Revision (FA94)
Resolution J - Academic Requirements Review Committee's Proposed Catalog Changes (FA94)
Resolution I - None
Resolution H - Equivalency Policy (FA94)
Resolution G - Prerequisite Policy (FA94)
Resolution F - Policy on Canceling Classes Due to Emergency Conditions (FA94)
Resolution E - Policy on Adding and Dropping Students at the Beginning of a Term (FA94)
Resolution D - Title 5 Course Outlines/Syllabi for all Courses Listed in the CC Catalog (SP94)
Resolution C - Relief from Mandates
Resolution B - New Faculty Orientation
Resolution A - Faculty Handbook
November 16, 1972 - Building of Student Housing
1968-1971 Policy Adoptions


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