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How to Access a Printable Version of the Class Schedule

If you would like to learn how to print a copy of the class schedule, please visit the link below, or read the instructions that follow. Please be advised that use of the interactive online schedule provides much more powerful features than a print copy, such as:

  • Up-to-date section offerings and seats available (because these conditions change every second)
  • Detailed Course Descriptions (hyperlink)
  • Direct links to textbook requirements and purchasing for each section (hyperlink)
  • Definitions for codes used on the search results page (hyperlink)

Page-by-Page Instructions on how to access and print a term schedule: 

  1. In your browser, load the Columbia College website at www.gocolumbia.eduColumbia College website URL

  2. On the red banner menu across the page, hover over "Courses & Programs"

    Courses & Programs Submenu

  3. On the submenu that drops, click "Class Schedule"Select class schedule

  4. The ConnectColumbia Class Schedule search landing page will load. Confirm that the correct term is selected. You can also choose to filter down to specific criteria such as department, meeting days, late start offerings, etc. 

    Schedule search selection page. Confirm the term accuracy.

  5. Click "submit" at the bottom of the page. This will yield all results for the desired term. 

    Click submit at the bottom of the page
  6. Click "Click here for printer-friendly version" in the upper left hand corner of the page. This will generate a printer-ready version.

    Click "Click here for printer friendly version"

  7. Using your browser's menu, select "Print", OR simultaneously press "CTRL" (PC) or "COMMAND" (Mac) and "P" to activate the print dialog on your computer. 

    A plain page will load. This is the printer friendly version

  8. Confirm that the settings are accurate for your desired print output, and click the"PRINT" button that appears, or hit "enter" on your keyboard to do the same without the mouse. 

    Simultaneously press "CTRL" and  "P" on your keyboard to activate the printer dialog box. Then click print.
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