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Flexible Calendar Program

Flexible Calendar Program

Program Description

Columbia College utilizes a Flexible Calendar (Title 5, Section 55720 et seq) to promote instructional improvement through faculty development. All full-time faculty members are required to complete 28 hours of professional development (flex time) per year and account for those hours using the online flex system below. Adjunct faculty teaching full-term courses are also required to engage in flex time, and full-term overload classes for full-time faculty generate additional hours of required flex time. For more information, click on the Flex Time FAQ button, in the Flex Resources section of this page, in the left column.

 The online flex system can be accessed by visiting flex.gocolumbia.edu

Flex Login link


For more information, contact your division Dean.

 Arts & Sciences Division

 CTE Division

 Student Services Division


Flexible calendar activities must align with the College’s 2016-17 Flexible Calendar Activity Submission Form , on file with the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office. Guidelines for Flexible Calendars are found on the State Chancellor's website.

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