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Catalog Production

Catalog Production

Please visit www.gocolumbia.edu/catalog_schedules for a link to the 2017-18 Columbia College catalog and catalog addendum.

Production Timelines

2017-2018 Columbia College Catalog: 

Catalog production is the outcome an annual cycle of curriculum (degree, certificate and course) review and revision, as well as changes in policy or relevant information across the institution. Catalog production typically takes place early in the spring semester, to be available to students and counselors for the beginning of the next academic year, which begins with the summer term in May. 

Curriculum changes approved in a timely manner by various governance groups are included in the forthcoming college catalog. For example, Curriculum revisions pending inclusion in the 2017-18 catalog would be those that have been approved at all requisite levels between 1/01/2016 and 11/22/2016. If you believe a revision should be reflected in the publication but is not, please contact Elissa Creighton, Curriculum Process Specialist, at creightone@yosemite.edu, or (209) 588-5141.

What drives catalog revisions

  • Courses and program awards are updated through the review and approval of the college Curriculum Committee, district governing board, and California Community Colleges Chancellor's office, and occasionally ACCJC/WASC Accreditation Commission. 
  • Course articulation status/information, including CSU/UC "transferability" and CSU/IGETC breadth pattern information, is monitored and facilitated by the college articulation officer, Elizabeth Pfleging.
  • "Soft content"- or content that is non-curricular in scope, is revised through an informal revision process which ensures that revisions to policy and regulation are updated in accordance with college and district policy. This process is overseen by the Vice President of Instruction's Office and facilitated by content experts.

Catalog Distribution

A pdf of the catalog is posted to the web immediately after the publication is sent to print. Printed catalogs are distributed according to the guidelines and distribution list below. This information should be evaluated and updated annually. 

2017-18 Proofs

Proofing Instructions

  1. Open the relevant PDF file(s) below
  2. Print the page(s) in question
  3. Label pages with your name and contact information
  4. Mark up with revisions.
  5. Deliver markups to Elissa Creighton in the Office of the VPI (Manzanita 259) or place in the Curriculum Process Specialist mailbox.
Before proofing, please note the following:
-Disregard formatting (including text wrap), Headers/Footers, page references, images, and tabs.
-Highlighted content means there is a question or pending status/pending information.  Please check in with me if an area you edited has a highlight and the question is not within the text.
  • Academic Awards Updated 3/6/17 Degrees, Certificates, Skills Attainments

    Awards that will not have PSLOs in the catalog for this deadline:

    • Business Administration:  Professional AS
    • Applied Computer Studies:  Business Emphasis COA
    • Language Arts:  Emphasis in English AA
    • Science:  Emphasis in Environmental Science AS
    • All HPMGT degrees, COAs and SACs (except Bartender SAC)
    • Music AA
  • Course Descriptions Updated 3/6/17

    Two-Year Plans (Projected Course Offerings) have NOT yet been finalized by Division Offices and will be sent out for review at a later date.

  • Vita Updated 3/6/17

    Index still in development. Please review only: Faculty, Faculty Emeriti, Classified/Certificated Administrators, and Directory pages.





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