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TRiO Student Support Services

TRiO Student Support Services


BECOME A SCHOLAR...not just a student WITH TRiO SSS!

TRiO SSS is a federally funded grant that serves first-generation, low-income, and students with disabilities that plan on graduating from Columbia College and then transferring to a 4-year university. Our goal is to provide students with a supportive environment, accessible resources, and structured guidance to launch students towards their academic goals. Students will learn the necessary skills to become a successful scholar and complete their educational journey.            Are you ready?

ALL SERVICES ARE FREE to enrolled students!

Our Services, how we support your success: 
Priority Registration- Get the classes that fit your schedule each semester.
Priority Academic Counseling- Forget waiting in line; ensure your educational plan is up-to-date, gain assistance with university selection/research, and gain confidence in all your educational decisions with your dedicated TRiO Academic Counselor.
Peer Mentoring- Students helping students. Specially trained, experienced, and compassionate students will assist you with problem solving, academic tutoring, research, and life skill development.
Tutoring- Save your GPA! We provide referrals to the Academic Achievement Center, appointments with TRiO Peer Mentors, and special requests for tutoring needs to ensure you excel in every class.
Scholarship/Financial Aid Assistance- Where do you start? We can guide you through the process in order to increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship and avoid going into debt while you complete your educational goals.
University Tours/Field Trips- The adventure continues! Four university tours per year are FREE to TRiO enrolled students; special requests will be considered for additional trips.

Our Eligibility, what you need to know: 
Students must be citizens or permanent residents, accepted to Columbia College, and one of the following:
• Be a first-generation college student, neither parent completed a Bachelor's degree OR
• Be low-income, verification will be checked according to federal guidelines at intake OR
• Have a verifiable disability, provide verification through DSPS office.

Students must also commit to an educational plan that includes: 
• Graduation from Columbia with a degree or certificate within 4 years of enrollment in the program
• Transferring to a university to complete a bachelor's degree directly after graduation from Columbia.

We look forward to helping you succeed as a Scholar with TRiO SSS.

What you should do to apply:
  1. Pick up and return an application to our TRiO SSS offices, located in Manzanita 212. Or email your completed application to Columbiatrio@yosemite.edu 
  2. Attend an Information Session
    • Check your email after you turn in your application for Information Session dates and times .
    • Sign-up for an Information Session by following the instructions in the email sent to you.
  3. Intake Interview
    • Sign-up for Intake Interview with the Project Director; sign-ups taken at the Information Session.
    • Attend the Intake Interview to determine if you are able to enroll.
  4. Enrollment
    • Determination made at the Intake Interview with Project Director.


More details about the SSS Application and Enrollment Process:

To apply for TRiO SSS services each student must complete an application, attend an Information Session, and be interviewed by the Project Director. During the Information Session students will learn, in detail, what the program offers and student responsibilities. Students will then be interviewed by the Project Director in order to approve enrollment into the program services. Once enrolled, students will participate in activities, counseling, and peer mentoring designed to guide them carefully through the complex higher education system, leading towards graduation and transfer to a university with the highest GPA possible, maximizing their financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Remember: TRiO Student Support Services is an academic support network designed to help students reach their goals of graduating AND transferring in
a timely manner- with the highest GPA possible and the maximum
financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

You can become a Scholar with TRiO SSS @Columbia College...Go Beyond!

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