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TRiO SSS Overview

TRiO Student Support Services is Empowerment Based

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All services are designed to propel students forward in their academic goalhelpful staff s of graduation and transfer. The ultimate goal is self-sufficiency within the higher education world- students should be able to navigate resource building, critical thinking, money management, and academic continuation at the completion of the SSS program at Columbia College.

We want you to visualize weaving TRiO SSS into your daily college life. In the picture below, notice how the gears work WITH each other, play off one another to generate power, pushing each other forward. This is how we encourage you to use TRiO Student Support Services; it can empower you in your academic career on a daily basis. With TRiO, the central "gear" to success is the Group Peer Mentor Program. Notice how all the gears relate to the others, and how each is pushed/helped by the other.

Finally, think of TRiO SSS as a way to help you stay on-track and connected to all the things Columbia College has to offer. Ultimately you will be successful by obttrio graduates 2014 aining your Associates degree AND transferring on to the university to  complete a of your choice with the highest GPA possible, while maximizing your financial aid and scholarship options.

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TRiO Gears
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