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Teaching, Learning, and Community

Teaching, Learning, and Community


TLC Mission

The mission of the Teaching, Learning, and Community Initiative is to promote excellence in teaching and learning across the entire college community-students, staff, faculty, and administration-in an ongoing climate of growth and improvement.

TLC Concept

The idea for a Teaching Learning and Community Initiative was born at the Faculty Retreat at Baker Station in August 2017 with a clap of lightning and a boom of thunder (literally).  Lindsay Laney and Adrienne Seegers have been granted 10% reassign each to lead this new campus wide initiative.  Hands on administrative support will be provided by Brandon Price and Tiffany Moore.  A physical home will be created soon.  In the meantime, we had a great kick-off event at the start of the semester where an energized group of students, staff, faculty and administrators generated some great ideas.

Please use the room!

All part and full-time faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to use the Tamarack TLC Staff Room. It’s a well-lit, comfortable place with a beautiful view to eat your lunch, use your laptop, take a break on the couch, grade papers, and meet informally with colleagues. There is a collection of teaching and learning resources on the counter for your use. 

Wednesday informal lunch in the TLC! Join your colleagues from noon to 1:00pm for a conversation and community.  

The door has a keypad lock. Please check with Lindsay Laney: laneyl@yosemite.edu or Brian Greene: greeneb@yosemite.edu  for the code.


Is there a copy machine in the TLC?   Yes.

Is there a refrigerator and microwave in the TLC? Yes, and please clean up after yourself.

Can I hold office hours or meet with students in the TLC?  Sorry, this space is reserved for faculty and staff. Try the Academic Achievement Center across the hall from the TLC Staff Room or check with your division for individual needs.






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