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Columbia College is committed to helping you achieve your academic success. To ensure that success, we have developed our orientation program to provide you with an introduction and the necessary tools to get you successfully started at Columbia College. This orientation is considered to be a first contact with the counseling department.

Guidance 18 Life Skills for Higher Education (3 units): This course presents strategies for first-year students to thrive in the culture of higher education. By taking a holistic approach to college success, educational planning, and lifelong learning, students will develop self-understanding as they examine topics
such as: motivation and attitudes, values, goal setting, creative and critical thinking, stress management, personal wellness, learning and personality theories, time management, study skills, interpersonal communication, cultural diversity, college
expectations and etiquette, and how to build a community for academic and personal support. An educational plan is a course requirement.
Transfer: CSU/UC

Guidance 100 College Success (3 units):  Prepares students for the challenges of college-level coursework. Designed for students new to college, re-entering college, or those on academic or progress probation status who would like to develop or improve skills and abilities necessary for college success. Topics include: values, goal-setting methods, time management, note-taking techniques, textbook reading strategies, test-taking skills, memorization, critical and creative
thinking, learning styles, and the use of technology for academic success. Familiarizes students with the College, its curriculum, facilities, services, policies, programs and degree and transfer requirements.

Guidance 8 Introduction to College (0.5 to 1 units): Explore the resources and tools needed to take charge of your educational experience and maximize your academic success. Identify successful college behaviors, Columbia College support resources, general expectations of college culture, and college pathway options. Students will gain an understanding of educational planning and transfer processes and according to their needs and goals, each student may complete an educational plan with a counselor individually, in a group, or online. Topics covered include academic renewal, grading policy, advanced placement credit, academic and progress probation and dismissal, educational planning, requirements for the associate degree, certificates of achievement and transfer to the four-year university, and other topics related to the use of the programs and services at Columbia College. Such topics include financial aid, tutoring, counseling, special services for students with disabilities, career planning and job placement. Offered for Pass/No Pass grading only. Transfer: CSU

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