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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to stop by the Student Senate Office in the Ponderosa Bldg. Student Center for information on existing student clubs and organizations, and for instructions on how to form a new one. Existing clubs include the following:

Auto Tech Club

Join your fellow auto enthusiasts in one of Columbia College’s longest running clubs! The Auto Club brings together students interested in automotive technology in a friendly and social environment. Students involved with or currently participating in auto tech projects or courses are invited to join their fellow students for project discussions, fundraisers, and BBQs/social activities. Club meetings are generally held in the Automotive Technology area of the campus, located in the Madrone Building. The purpose of the Columbia College Automotive Club is to raise funds for supplies and services. In addition to supplies and services, our funds also pay for the occasional social event, marketing, and advertisement.

CEO Club (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Club is part of a premier global entrepreneurship network which will help to inform, support, and inspire Columbia College students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. CEO Club’s mission is to inspire, inform, and support students to be entrepreneurial and to seek opportunities through enterprise creation.

Child Development Club

The Columbia College Child Development Club strives to generate more opportunities for fellow child development students and families throughout our community while contributing to the education, individuality and well-being of children.

Nutrition Club

The goal of the Columbia College Nutrition Club is to bring awareness to students concerning healthy eating and sustainable lifestyles.

Veterans Club

Veterans supporting veterans through unique shared experiences, mentoring each other and prospective servicemen and women with reliable and useful advice.

Start Your Own Club

To start your own student club or organization, all you need is an advisor, some students interested in the same activity, and completion of a few simple forms (which any of your senators would be happy to assist with) to get your club up and running.

  • The following requirements apply to all student organizations at Columbia College:
  • Only currently enrolled Columbia College students may participate as members of an officially recognized student organization.
  • An advisor must be present at all meetings and activities.
  • Each semester, organizations must request renewal of their official recognition status.