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Campus Alert!

Earthquake emergency information

Earthquake emergency information


General Procedure:

Remain Calm

During an Earthquake:

If indoors, stay there.Take cover in a corner or doorway, or under a deskStay away from windows, shelves, and heavy equipment.

After an Earthquake:

Call 9-1-1 to report life threatening injuries only.Call 5-9-1-1 or radio campus Security to report serious hazards and non-life threatening injuries.Protect yourself and prepare for aftershocks.

If you smell gas,  DO NOT use the telephone, light switches or any electrical appliance.  Radio campus Security or phone Facilities Operations at ext. 5366 from a phone in another area.  Follow "Utility Failure" procedures.

Fire and Hazardous materials:  Follow "Fire" or "Hazardous Materials" procedures.

In the event of major damage or discuption, you will receive instructions through the Emergency Zone Paging system or from College administrators, security, or emergency personnel.  Assist persons with disabilities and follow the "Evacation" procedures.

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