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Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Getting Started with Online Learning

Columbia College uses the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Learning Management System. There are basic technology skills that are helpful and some necessary to becoming a successful online student. Even if you are not an online student many of your instructors may be using Blackboard as an enhancement to their face to face classes. We have a variety of tutorials and resources to help you if you are new to using technology.


Check out a short tutorial (~26 min) to help you get started! To view the Closed Captions once you start the video, click on the letters CC on the bottom right. Here is another alternative link to our YCCD Media Share for the Online Student Success Orientation. 

Are you interested in classes Columbia College offers online?  Check the current listing of Online Classes. It is helpful to also check your computer and browser requirements to maximize your online learning experience.

How to Log in to Blackboard

To log into Blackboard you will need to use your student ID number (starts with a lower-case w). Your initial password is your six-digit birth date, mmddyy. (Ex. 041765) Once you log in you can change your password by clicking on your name or person icon in the top right hand corner, locate Settings, Personal Information, Change Password. If you need assistance with Blackboard call the Blackboard Help Desk at (209) 575-6412. The college's Student Help Desk web page is also available for assistance and information about being an online student.

Each summer, fall and spring semester 1 hour Face to Face & Virtual Orientations for Blackboard 9.1 are offered. You can always drop in or call the Instructional Technology Center for Blackboard Help. Check first for availability.  


NOTE: Online classes will be available 5 days before the beginning of each semester. Be advised some instructors limit access and content until the 1st official day of the semester. For late starting classes, access will be available 5 days before the late start date. Contact the instructor via email if you have any questions.

Need to Know Technology Skills

Try these two Assessments to find out if Online Learning is right for you?

Technology Skills (opens in a new window)
Student Skills (opens in a new window)

Check out  the "Need to Know" Technology Skills Tutorials

The Quick Guide for Blackboard 9.1 is in a PDF format available to print out with the top 10 tips for using Blackboard 9.1.

The Blackboard On Demand Web site hosts many tutorials on different activities in the Blackboard environment.  Check out and search the Student Help for Blackboard 9.1 site for a full listing that is updated regularly.

Student Resources

Online Student Success - There are a variety of resources available to help you become a successful online student. If you would like to know more, check out the Online Student Handbook  available for you to find out what skills and technical requirements are typically required to become a successful online student.

Computer and Browser Compatibility Requirements - It is important to ensure your browser is compatible with Blackboard for maximized functionality.  Please check out the browser tips and supported browsers list. Also check out the computer requirements for Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Instructional Technology Center - If you are new to online learning, each semester we offer face to face orientations. The Instructional Technology Center is also available for faculty, staff and students to drop or call in for help.

Academic Achievement Center - The Academic Achievement Center serves the entire Columbia College student body. Their primary goal is to assist students in becoming more independent, efficient, and effective learners. They are here to help students improve their academic skills and aid in their academic success. 

Demo Course - We also offer an online Blackboard demo course to explore. When you log in to Blackboard the username is demo and password is demo. There are activities, communication tools and learning modules to explore that are common to the online learning environment.

Online Counseling - Check out the online counseling services if you are an online student and would like to talk with a counselor.

College Blackboard Help Desk - It is important to know who to contact for technical help and assistance for your online classes. The Blackboard Help Desk (shared with MJC) is available for technical assistance. Contact your instructor if you have non-technical class related questions.

Waitlists for Online Classes - On the first day of the semester with the exception of late starting classes, if you are on the waitlist you will need to go to the E-Add Card - Adding an Online Class web page, locate the class and instructor, send them a request to be added and wait for a response. The instructor must provide you with a 4 digit add code in order to enroll in the class. Instructors are not obligated to take every student on the waitlist.

LockDown Browser - The lockdown browser is required for assessments in online classes when your instructor requests it to used. Your instructor will provide the link and you will be prompted through a series of steps to download the application and install on your desktop. You will then log in to Blackboard through the lockdown browser when taking a quiz or assessment. You will only need to download the application once.

Office 365 and Email - Office 365 is available for free to all Columbia College students. You can access office applications for PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Windows tablets and iPad®. Log into your YCCD email to get started!

College Buys - College Buys at offers deep discounts on software, hardware and online & DVD training.  As a faculty and student member, you are eligible for discounts on industry-leading software and technology to high quality office and classroom furniture.

Additional Resources