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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Let's Get Started with Blackboard

To go directly to YouTube for a larger viewing area -  (~28 mins) 

Blackboard 9.1 is the current learning management system. As an instructor you would log in with your last name, first initial, example: colonm and your 6 digit birth date, example: 041765.

There are many tools and resources to enhance your face to face and online course content using Blackboard and instructional technology. Use the links below to take you to a particular resource area. If you are interested in joining an online development cohort or training in instructional technology, contact the Distance Education Coordinator, Melissa Colón, at for more information.

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Technology Training and Workshops

Training is important when you start creating content in an online environment. Here are a few ways to get involved with instructional technology and online course development training. There are a variety of trainings that takes place through out the year at the college. Ask me about the Instructional Technology Training Opportunities or drop by the Instructional Technology Center located in the Library Building, Tamarack Hall, Rm. 134.

Fully Online Flex-Activities for flex-credit that are self-paced with a "Certificate of Achievement" available for each topic.The following topics are available. Here is a tutorial on how to get started.

CEDUC-50 2657 Online Course Development -  02/22/16-04/29/16 will be taught in Canvas, our new course management system.

Online Course Development Resources 

If you are going to be using Blackboard as an enhancement in your face to face classes you will need to request an enhancement sell. Request link for Enhancement shells . If you are interested in combining sections into one shell follow the steps once you log in to combine with a Master Shell.

You will find the following resources helpful as you develop online content:

  1. Online Course Design Rubric with link to checklist - Training and Mentoring
  2. OEI Student Success Handbook for Using NetTutor Services - Online Tutoring
  3. Online Education Initiative - Course Design Rubric and Standards (OEI)
  4. Best Practices for Creating Accessible Word Documents (from Cal Poly)
  5. Resources for Universal Design and Accessibility
  6. Columbia Colleges Faculty Distance Education Handbook (revised spr '15)
  7. The Teach Act- Fair Use and Copyright Information (from Cal State Stanislaus)
  8. National Standards for Quality Online Teaching
  9. Columbia College Distance Education Plan (updated fall '15)
  10. California Community College Chancellor's Office - Distance Education

When you are ready to develop a fully or hybrid online course you will first need to submit a distance education addendum for approval through the Curricunet Link. The Distance Education Coordinator or Curriculum Chair can help with the proposed modification.

We encourage an Open Proctoring Policy at Columbia College in which you, the instructor can allow students to chose an approved proctor and proctoring site (on-campus or an approved proctoring site) if needed for exams in a fully online course.

The Columbia College Distance Education Plan outlines the plans to continue to develop online offerings and online student services.

Online Communication Resources

There are tools available to communicate with all of your students (face to face or online). For example, Columbia College's Student Email Blast  is available to send an email blast to all students, in both F2F and online classes. The are many additional tools within Blackboard to communicate and build an exciting online community, strengthening regular and effective communication, 24/7.

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Blackboard Training Materials

The Instructional Technology Channel hosted at the YCCD Media Share site and my channel at YouTube has many custom tutorials for you to check out and get started in developing online content. Blackboard Only.

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