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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services


are available in our

NEW! Student Health and Wellness Center

209-588-5283   PINYON   (next door to the Student Center)


Are you feeling ...Overwhelmed...Anxious...Sad...Stressed...Isolated?
Do you need ...Emotional support...Personal guidance...Mental Health referrals?
    Would you like...Strategies for success...Stress Management tools...Psychological help?
Personal counseling with a licensed therapist is available on campus free for enrolled students. For more information or to make an appointment call the Mental Health Services office at 209-588-5346.
"Drop-Ins" are welcome when there is availability, but an appointment is better.
Sessions are  Confidential  (with some limitations).
Health Records are NOT part of your Academic Record.
Call Mental Health Services: 209-588-5346
You can also make appointments through
Academic Counseling 209-588-5109 (in Manzanita)
or Health Services at 209-588-5204.

 Reach out!  Help is Available!  It's not a commitment; It's just a conversation!



See Something     Say Something    Do Something

We are all responsible for keeping our campus safe. Let someone know when you are concerned. The Mental Health Coordinator is a member of CCAT, the Columbia College Alert Team and available to students, faculty and staff to discuss incidents and issues regarding students who are "of concern", at-risk, in distress, having a crisis.   Contact CCAT or the Mental Health Coordinator for assistance.


Services available

  • Psychological Services: Therapy with a Licensed Counselor (or Supervised Intern) is available by appointment for individuals (and couples when both parties are enrolled students). 
  • Crisis Services: Available on campus during normal business hours.  NO evening or after-hours crisis or counseling services available. See CCAT.
  • AFTER HOURS CRISIS -call Campus Security: 209-566-5476 or 911.  Also available:  Tuolumne County Behavioral Health Department (TCBH): Crisis, Assessment, and Intervention Program (CAIP)  209-533-7000
  • Psychological Assessment:  Limited assessment available for referrals to campus DSPS, such as with Text Anxiety. Also, referrals to community counselors, resources, medical care, and special needs assessment available.
  • Workshops and Class Presentations: Topics include Anxiety, Test Anxiety, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Support for Student Success, Grief and Loss. Check out the current Student Success Workshops on campus.  Topics change every semester.
  • Center for a Non-Violent Community:  Advocates from CNVC are on campus and partnering with campus Health and Wellness.  Advocates support victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence through the process of legal, physical and emotional healing.  CNVC 24 Hour Crisis Line:  209-533-3401.
  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery:  Peer Support with Tuolumne County Behavioral Health holds groups on campus.  Contact Mental Health Services 209-588-5346 for times and locations.
  • Mindfulness Mondays:  Noon Mindfulness Meditation group. Contact the Mental Health or Health Services office for more information.
  • Personal Guidance:  Just need support and guidance for life stress? Learn strategies and tools to cultivate resiliency and manage stress. Or receive guidance on any personal issue.
  • Title IX:  Feel you are a victim of sexual harassment, discrimination or assault on campus?  The Mental Health office can provide Confidential support. 
  • Veterans Mental Health support is available
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