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Collection Development and Weeding Guidelines

Collection Development and Weeding Guidelines

Collection Development

The Library collects materials to support the Columbia College mission in accordance with YCCD Board Policies 6030, 4-8061 and 6045. Towards that end, we strive to provide materials:

  • relevant to current and projected class assignments
  • representative of the many different sides of a particular debate or topic
  • suggested by faculty and other experts as being relevant to the field and/or their students’ learning favorably reviewed by sources well-regarded in the industry
  • that strengthen the breadth and depth of our collection
  • of local interest because of geography, history or other close connections
  • that promote and encourage reading by all patron populations
  • typical of small, rural, academic libraries
  • reflective of the complex nature of topics on local, national and international levels
  • that allow us to maximize available funds

All items are evaluated for appropriateness for our collection prior to acquisition. This can include:

  • a positive review in an industry recognized publication
  • holdings by other academic libraries, specifically those serving California community colleges
  • first hand evaluation by a faculty member in a related discipline

Some exceptions to the above criteria are made for items of significant local importance that are unlikely to be widely-known outside of our immediate geographic area.


To maintain a relevant collection and to maximize available space, the Library regularly evaluates its collection and removes outdated, superseded, no longer needed and/or deteriorated materials. The basic process recognizes that different parts of the collection require a different approach because of subject matter and format.


  1. Identify areas of the collection in need of review based on when they were last evaluated
  2. Determine individual items within a given area should be looked at. Consider -
    1. Date of publication and/or addition to the collection appropriate for a given subject
    2. The item’s condition
    3. Alternatives available in collection (i.e. strength of area of the collection)
    4. Current and projected course offerings
      Availability and ease of access from other institutions
    5. Frequency of use
  3. Isolate items under consideration for further evaluation
  4. Solicit feedback from relevant faculty regarding suitability for retention, replacement or withdrawal

The final decision for withdrawal and/or replacement is made by the Faculty Librarian. Withdrawn materials are immediately discarded.

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