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Integrated Planning at  Columbia College

Integrated Planning at Columbia College

Columbia College is a unique institution of higher learning nestled in one of the most beautiful regions of the state and comprised of highly qualified, talented and accomplished faculty, staff and administrators who are dedicated to improving the educational experience for students and the community.  To that end, each of the instructional programs, services and 511 courses is identified with at least one learning outcome aimed toward achieving student success and synthesizing college wide systematic program reviews into a strategic plan.  

Informed by historical data and building on previous accomplishments, the College develops its strategies in line with the Columbia College Goals based on the Columbia College Mission Statement. 

The College regularly evaluates its processes and priorities in order to build upon and strengthen its institutional capacity.  This is accomplished via collegewide discussions, informed, data-driven programmatic goals, prioritized resource allocations based on planning, and the outcomes of the students:

  • In 2015, the College Goals were revised.  The work of designing the measurable objectives toward meeting the six goals continues through 2015-2016,
  • In Fall 2015, the College revised its Institutional Learning Outcomes receiving final approval from the College Council in February 2016,
  • In Spring 2016 the College began its review of its Mission Statement,
  • In Spring 2016, the comprehensive self-study process began toward reaffirmation of ACCJC Accreditation (final report and visit due: Fall 2017).


The left sidebar contains links related to integrated planning resources, supporting documents, reports and resources.  If you need more information, or have questions, please contact the \Office of Institutional Research and Planning.