Columbia College Commencement

The Spring 2014 Commencement Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 2, 2014 at 6:30pm (doors open at 5:30pm) in the Oak Pavilion. For more information regarding the ceremony, visit the Student Information page.

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Spring 2014 Potential Graduates:

Graduation applications are being processed in preparation for spring 2014 potential graduates. If you have not submitted a graduation application for spring 2014 & you believe you are eligible, schedule an appointment with your counselor as soon as possible & submit your graduation application to the Admissions & Records Office right away. The Counseling Office may be reached at (209) 588-5109. Admissions & Records may be reached at (209) 588-5231.

Summer 2014 & Fall 2014 Potential Graduates:

Submit your graduation applications by the deadline of March 7, 2014. If you do not submit your application by the deadline, you will not be given a priority registration time for the summer or fall 2014 semesters. Priority registration is a special privilege that potential graduates are awarded that allows them to register the earliest date and time possible to assist them with their final course selection.

Fall 2013 Graduates: Diplomas are here.

Diplomas are available in the Admissions and Records Office for Fall 2013 graduates. You may pick up your diploma by bringing your photo identification to the Admissions and Records Office. If you have any type of obligation with the College your diploma will not be released until it is cleared. If you are no longer in the area and would like your diploma to be mailed to you, please complete the Diploma Mailing Request Form and mail/fax it to the Admissions & Records Office along with payment in check, credit card or money order form.

Summer & Fall 2013 Certificate of Achievement and Skills Attainment Certificate Recipients:

As of July 10, 2013, Certificates of Achievement and Skills Attainment Certificates for Summer 2013 have been mailed to the address provided on the award applications.

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