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Osher Scholarships

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2016-17 Osher awards are complete. 

2017-18 Osher Scholarship cycle open in fall 2017. 

The Columbia College Foundation participated in a historic fundraising campaign to establish the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we were able to raise $193,834, and gain an additional $96,917 in matching funds from the Bernard Osher Foundation.

Donors that contributed $13,500 or more were able to name the $1,000 scholarship generated from their gift each year. Named Osher Scholarships include: the Don Brady Scholarship, Joyce & Ed Brockman Scholarship, Marjorie L. Coffill Memorial Scholarship, Bob & Helen Francis Memorial Scholarship, four Front Porch Scholarships, Mick Grimes Scholarship, Holder Family Scholarship, Elwood & Elizabeth Johnson Scholarship, Irving J. Symons Memorial Scholarship, John Wise Scholarship, and Millie Wise Scholarship.

As a result of this tremendously successful campaign, the Columbia College Foundation will now be able to offer at least twenty $1,000 Osher Scholarships every year, forever.

Thank you to all of the students who applied for Osher Scholarships this year. 

2013-2014 Osher Scholars:

  • Susan Battaglia
  • Emily Lang
  • Robin Ratliff
  • Gabrielle Petersen
  • Marcela Hernandez
  • Taylor Crawford
  • Tracey Merry
  • Julianna Noe-Hoefle
  • Haley Perkins
  • Cherish Mortier
  • Angela Wilson
  • Mattie Milani
  • Julia Mares
  • Becky Castiglione
  • Andrew Skokan
  • Valerie Stevens
  • Andrea Foster
  • Christina Armstrong
  • Nathan Carter
  • Solisha Andico
  • Stephanie Hoffman
  • Shannon Lundeen-Kreuger
  • June Wylie
  • Kevin Koppinger

2012-2013 Osher Scholars:

  • Susan Battaglia
  • Shanna Beach
  • Zachary Calabrese
  • Brougane Cattedra
  • Aaron Cloyd
  • Jarron Crump
  • Tomi Farnsworth
  • Nacissus Frazier
  • Nicole Friend
  • Ivetta Gedarevich
  • Aiko Gonzalez
  • Gabriella Hernandez
  • Rachel Isaman
  • Aaron James
  • Alia Katz
  • Shelby LeBlanc
  • Cherish Rae Mortier
  • Nicole Rager
  • Taylor Skokan
  • Kevin Steele
  • Natalie Van Dyke
  • Mathew Warmerdam
  • Grant Wells
  • Fred Westmoreland

2011-2012 Osher Scholars:

  • Virginia Bailey, Donald S. Brady Scholarship
  • Shalei Dicksen, Bob and Helen Francis Memorial Scholarship
  • Natasha Gonsalez, Osher Scholarship
  • Monica Hay, Irving J. Symons Memorial Scholarship
  • Nicolle Head, Marjorie L. Coffill Memorial Scholarship
  • Ryan Hodge, Osher Scholarship
  • Lauren Kelly, Joyce & Ed Brockman Scholarship
  • Tori Palmberg, Osher Scholarship
  • Rebecca Petersen, Osher Scholarship
  • Keith Cline Robinson, Osher Scholarship
  • Ricky Shaw, Osher Scholarship
  • Matthew Sydney, John R. Wise Scholarship
  • Stephanie Romero, Millie Brady Wise Scholarship

2010-2011 Osher Scholars:

  • Elizabeth "Rose" Cutting, Osher Scholarship
  • Joel Lafayette, Osher Scholarship
  • Julianna Noe-Hoefle, Osher Scholarship
  • Matthew Owens, Osher Scholarship
  • Regina Villegas, Osher Scholarship
  • Fred Westmoreland, Osher Scholarship

2009-2010 Osher Scholars:

  • Duane Lillie, Osher Scholarship
  • Ariella Megory, Osher Scholarship
  • Sean Neuschmid Osher Scholarship
  • Jennifer Nies, Osher Scholarship
  • Randy Parris, Osher Scholarship
  • Andrea Rochelle, Osher Scholarship

This is what some of our 2009-2010 Osher Scholars have said about receiving this critical scholarship support:

  • "I have gotten through school thus far relying on scholarships. It is safe to say that my chances of becoming a nurse would be slim without the help of the community and so many generous people."
  • "Receiving an Osher Scholarship helped me in a few different ways. It gave me peace of mind, which I didn't have before. Financially, it has allowed me to go where I needed to go, such as the Fire Academy..."
  • "This award has helped immensely toward my goal of graduation from Columbia College and transfer to California State University, Stanislaus."
  • "With my limited income your scholarship comes at a much needed time and will make a big difference to me and my education goals...The scholarship and your support mean a great deal to me..."

Sean Neuschmid

Click here to download an audio interview with 2009-2010 Osher Scholar, Sean Neuschmid.

Ariella Megory

2009-2010 Osher Scholar Ariella Megory delivers a thank you address at the Columbia College Scholarships & Awards Ceremony, April 2010.

Randy Parris

Former YCCD Board of Trustees Chair and Columbia College Foundation Board of Director, Pat Dean presents an Osher Scholarship Certificate to 2009-2010 Osher Scholar Randy Parris.

Jennifer Nies

2009-2010 Osher Scholar Jennifer Nies and her son, April 2010.

Duane Lilly

2009-2010 Osher Scholar Duane Lillie (far left) shakes hands with College President Dr. Joan Smith, while Marnie Shively, Director of Student Financial Services, former YCCD Trustee Pat Dean, and YCCD Trustee Anne DiMartini look on.

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