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Columbia College Foundation Mini-Grants

Columbia College Foundation Mini-Grants

The Columbia College Foundation now offers mini-grants that support its mission "to promote student success by providing community resources that support and expand educational opportunities for Columbia College's students." Applications are reviewed by a committee of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Mini grant application and instructions

Please direct questions about the mini-grants program to Amy Nilson, Director of Development, nilsona@yosemite.edu

Past Projects

Spring 2017     Total awards: $15,042
Fall 2017 Shakespeare Production: $1,000
Women's Volleyball Team Travel Fall 2017: $2,000
Men's Basketball Team Travel Fall 2017: $2,000
Resurface and repaint Oak Pavilion gym floor: $4,500
Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament Fall 2017: $1,000
Making Alternative Transformations MAT, assisting non-traditional students: $1,717
Art with Impact - short film event to assist students who suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, grief and emotional challenges: $1,000
Two-part lecture series - Ethnic Studies: $500
Bookstore vouchers for students in need: $1,000
DSPS - cords for graduation: $325
Fall 2016           Total awards: $12,515
Volleyball Team Travel: $1,000
Basketball Team Travel: $1,000
Science Equipment: $1,065
Biology and Earth Science travel fees: $500
3D Printer: $500
Made in the Foothills Writers Series Event: $500
The Spring Review, student publication: $2,500
Speech and Debate Team: $1,000
One day bus trip to Aurora Theatre in Berkeley: $550
Funds for Automotive exams and programs: $1,000
Support field studies costs for students: $500
Drama production - April 2017: $1,000
Start up costs for Annual Tea Party fundraiser for Child Development Center: $650
Child Development Membership costs: $750
Spring 2016           Total awards: $12,060
Volleyball Team Travel: $1,000
Basketball Team Travel: $1,000
Padded Wall (Oak Pavilion): $2,500
Biology supplies and services: $1,475
Water flow meter interface: $300
Computer for 3D mapping: $1,625
Speech and Debate Team: $1,000
Trip costs to Ashland, OR (film festival): $450
Drama production - Dec. 2016: $1,000
Guided Imagery MPS players: $210
Fitness Trail Signage: $1,500
Fall 2015           Total awards: $13,825
Volleyball Team Travel: $2,000
Basketball Team Travel: $2,000
Child Development Memberships: $750
Auto Signs and Testing: $500
Software subscriptions: $1,500
Wacome tablets (multimedia tool): $1,500
Fire Academy ladder, ladder testing: $3,000
Debate Team: $1,000
DSPS high school outreach: $1,000
Shakespeare at Berkeley Rep: $575

Spring 2015           Total awards: $9,690
1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle w/ camera: $1,490*
Stipend for 4 faculty to develop additional online transfer courses: $3,200
Women's Volley team - offset recruiting costs, volleyball camps, new equipment and travel gear: $2,000
Men's basketball - team travel and referee costs; also to offset cost of running Spring High School All-Star games and summer camps: $2,000
Materials to complete electric vehicle: $600
Certification training for HVAC: $400
Fall 2014                Total awards: $7,855
Volleyball team travel: $2,000
Basketball team travel: $2,000
Earth Science mineral samples and compasses: $850*
Debate team travel: $1,000
Adaptive PE scooter sets: $1,155
Child Development Club memberships: Up to $500
Workshop video production: $1,000
Counseling books: $200
Spring 2014            Total awards: $11,400
Speech & Debate camp: $1,000
Pre Med/Pre Health career conference for students: $400
EMT exam fees (up to 30): $2,100
Museum of Tolerance field trip:$1,000
"Majors" events (2 in 2014-15 school year): $250
Unmanned aerial vehicle + cameras: $1,450
Fire Academy maintenance of safety equipment: $2,000
Basketball tournaments: $1,600
Volleyball tournaments: $1,600
Fall 2013                  Total Awards: $10,100
Digitized Carkeet forestry landscape slides: $700
Astronomy cameras and software: $1,500
Child Development student memberships: $500
Speech & Debate competitions: $1,000
Women's Volleyball : equipment (uprights/nets): $2,000
Men's Basketball: team travel: $2,000
Choir: Spring Tour: $1,000
Automotive license exams: $600
MAPS lecture series (student travel to MJC): $ 800
Spring 2013              Total Awards: $5,000
Library - Umbrellas for outside seating area: $1,500
Health and Human Performance: Kettlebell equipment: $1,500
Women's Volleyball Team: $1,000
Men's Basketball Team: $1,000
Fall 2012                    Total Awards: $14,960
Speech & Debate Team – two Forensics competitions: $1,000
Guest lecturer Pam Houston, UC Davis Creative Writing: $1,200
Online registration software for Community Education: $4,000
Fire Academy – Safety gear, training props and field trips: $3,000
Child Development Club – student memberships in NAEYC: $500
Professional Development Institute: $3,800
Choir 2013 Spring Tour: $1,000
Portable white boards for library: $460
Spring 2012                 Total Awards: $7,850
University field trips for 25 students: $750
Fall 2012 Wellness Fair: $2,000
GED Exam fees for 10 students: $1,600
Transportation for Berkeley Repertory Theatre field trip: $525
ASE Certification for Auto Technology students: $1,000
Laptops for ESL students (Jamestown Family Resource Center): $1,000
Improvements to the Mental Health counseling area: $975
Fall 2011                       Total Awards: $5,659
Academic Wellness Educators Spring 2012 Wellness Fair: $1,325
Piano software: $350
Choir Annual Tour: $1,000
Library- Children's book collection: $1,000
Transportation for Oregon Shakespeare Festival field trip: $550
Transportation for Berkeley Repertory Theatre field trip: $525
Development of a Medical Coding certificate: $409
Child Development Student Club: $500

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