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Columbia's grant-seeking activities are supported by the Development Office. Since 2015, the college has been awarded a number of significant multi-year state, federal and private grants, totaling more than $7 million. Among them:

Summary of Current Grant-funded Projects

  • TRiO Student Support Services: Columbia was awarded a $1.1 million TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) grant from the United States Department of Education (USDE) to improve support services for disadvantaged students. This five-year grant allowed the college to continue services with staff and student peer mentors to work directly with students that are low-income, first generation college students, and/or students with disabilities. TRiO SSS is a structured academic support program that involves field trips to four-year universities, various informational workshops, instructional supplies, and grant aid to participants, with the goal of improving student retention, success, graduation, and transfer rates among the target population.
  • TRiO -- Mother Lode Educational Opportunity Center: Columbia College was awarded a $1.18 million five-year grant to support outreach and support services to encourage adults in the foothills to apply for college or vocational programs. Transition specialists provide clients with tailored assistance with admissions, financial aid, career counseling and more. 
  • Title III Cooperative: Columbia in partnership with Lake Tahoe Community College received a $3.25 million Title III Cooperative Grant from the US Department of Education. This five-year grant, which provides more than $2 million to Columbia, will be used to increase institutional research capacity and effectiveness among the colleges by increasing access to user-friendly data analysis tools and building a culture of inquiry. 
  • California Apprenticeship Initiative grants, Phase I and Phase II: The Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative received two grants totalling $1.9 million from the California Community College Chancellor's Office. This program provides its students with on-the-job training in the Hospitality, Child Development, and Automotive industries. Students have the opportunity to complete related coursework at Columbia College while working as paid apprentices at one of the local approved apprenticeship employers, resulting in a Certified Apprentice certification through the California Department of Apprenticeship Standards as well as Certificates of Achievement and/or Skills Attainment Certificates through Columbia College.
  • Aspire Grant from AT&T -- Columbia College, through the Columbia College Foundation, received a two-year $20,000 grant from AT&T's Aspire program for student support services for former foster youth. 

Pending Proposals/ Projects Under Development

  • Scholarships for Science Technology, Engineering and Math -- Columbia is preparing to submit a proposal to this National Science Foundation (NSF) program, which provides scholarships and support services to STEM students working to transfer to four-year universities.

Grant-Writing Processes & Approvals Forms

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