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Columbia College Foundation Board Members

Board of Directors

Stephanie L. Suess

Stephanie L. Suess, President

Colette Such

Colette Such, Vice President

Louise Goicoechea

Louise M. Goicoechea, Treasurer

Rosetta Bannwarth

Rosetta Bannwarth, Secretary

Michael S. Chimente

Michael S. Chimente


William Dunlavy, Sr.


Lee Ann Fox

Michael Heuton

Michael Heuton


Kenan McDonald

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Margie Bulkin

Judy Myers

Foundation Advisory Council

Dr. Lynn Martin

Dr. Lynn Martin, Trustee

Wendy Griffiths-Bender

Wendy Griffiths-Bender, Faculty Senate Representative

Elissa Creighton

Elissa Creighton, Classified Senate Representative

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Matthew Christman, Student Representative

Foundation Staff

Amy Nilson

Amy Nilson, Director of Development

Gary Whitfield

Gary Whitfield, Vice President College/Administrative Services

Kasey Fulkerson

Kasey Fulkerson, Administrative Specialist