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History and Goals of the Columbia College Foundation

Columbia College Foundation was created 30 years ago by Columbia's first President, Dr. Harvey "Dusty" Rhodes. The foundation works to expand private support for endowments and programs, to uphold the educational excellence on which Columbia's students rely. Each year, the Foundation awards scholarships, makes grants, and provides other assistance to meet the needs of the students and the College.

Private Support is Essential
The college is a state-funded institution but the ongoing state budget crisis has affected funding to many programs. Moreover, at the same time the College has experienced cuts in state funding, it has seen marked increases in the demand for its educational services. Higher tuition and enrollment caps at UC and Cal State campuses have directed more students to community colleges.

Building Endowments Funds
One of the most important roles of Columbia College Foundation is to build endowment funds for the College. Endowments are funds whose purpose is to earn interest income that can be be wither reinvested or spend each year. When people make gifts to our endowments, they are becoming part of Columbia's permanent financial security. These gifts truly keep on giving, every year, forever.

Endowed Scholarships Can Be Named in Someone's Honor
This community is very generous in providing gifts for scholarship awards to Columbia College students each year. For those who can make a five-year pledge of at least $2,000 per year, or who can make an outright gift of at least $10,000, the Foundation encourages you to consider establishing an endowed scholarship. You can continue adding to the endowment for as many years as you like, and by building an endowed scholarship, you ensure that students will benefit from your generosity forever. We can name the scholarship for you or someone you wish to honor.

The Future Vision Fund: The Foundation's Endowment
The Foundation's Board of Directors established the Future Vision fund in 1998, for the purposes of supporting special and innovative projects at the College, for building an endowment, and for supporting ongoing operational costs of the Foundation.

Library Endowment
Time, and the cost of books, stand still for no one -- and no library. The Columbia College Library budget for books, magazines and journals, and sound and video recordings is virtually the same in 2005 as it was in 1975. Clearly, that sum purchases only a fraction of what it acquired twenty years ago. When the College launches a new course or new program, there is seldom funding for a basic collection to support this new curriculum. The Library Endowment will be a strong support for a changing curriculum.

Program Support
Here is a sampling of some college needs that the Foundation may allocate gifts this year:

  • Science Equipment
  • Baker Station
  • Music and Art Programs
  • Improvement of Public Facilities, such as the Par Course, Tennis Courts, and Sports Field
  • Expansion of Athletic Programs
  • Book Loan Program for Low Income Students
  • Development of Academic and Honor Programs including a Debate Team, Phi Theta Kappa, and a Drama Club