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Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2014

Important Information for Fall Disbursements

The Pell Grant is paid to students in 2 disbursements per semester, as indicated below, based on the number of units the student is enrolled in at that time. The additional Pell Grant disbursements listed below are for certain cases only. Examples include newly processed applications, officially enrolling in a class for which you had been waitlisted, and a late-start class having begun since the previous disbursement. A student would only qualify for an additional disbursement if the increase in units elevated him or her into the next tier of funding for which they are eligible, e.g. half time, 3/4 time, or full time status. Contact your technician with questions.


August 22: 1st Pell Grant Disbursement

September 5: Additional Pell Grant Disbursement

September 12: Additional Pell Grant Disbursement

September 26: Additional Pell Grant Disbursement

October 17: Cal Grant, FSEOG, and Additional Pell Grant Disbursement

October 30 (AFTERNOON): 2nd Pell Grant Disbursement

Nov 14: Last day to submit an Appeal for the Fall 2014 semester

Nov 21: Additional Pell Grant Disbursement

Dec 12: Additional Cal Grant, FSEOG, and Pell Grant Disbursement