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EOPS Eligibility


To apply to the EOPS program, you must fit the following criteria:


  1. Be a California resident or AB540 student
  2. Have completed less than 70 Associate level units.
  3. Enrolled in 12 units during your first semester in EOPS.  On a very limited basis, students in unique situations are permitted to enter EOPS with 9 units. Additionally, exceptions are made for students enrolled in Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS).
  4. Qualify to receive the Board of Governor's Waiver (BOGW "A" or "B"). 
  5. Have an Educational Disadvantage. You need only ONE of the below educational disadvantages
    1. First generation college student (neither of your parents received a Bachelor’s degree)
    2. Eligible for pre-collegiate Math or English class. This includes Math 602 (pre-algebra) and English 650 (English Fundamentals)
    3. High school GPA was below 2.5 (high school transcripts must be on file)
    4. Student was enrolled in remedial education in high school or college (transcript must be on file)
    5. Student did not graduate from high school, nor received a GED
    6. Current or former foster youth
    7. Primary language spoken in the home is/was non-English

  CLICK HERE to download an EOPS application

(If your browser does not open the application, please call (209) 588-5130 or email hickeyt@yosemite.edu and we will send one out to you)


Continuing EOPS Students:

EOPS is committed to your success, and toward that goal, our philosophy is to hold you accountable to the EOPS Student Responsibilities listed in the Mutual Responsibilities Contract.

Students who have completed 6* (or more) consecutive semesters in EOPS and have completed less than 70 associate level, degree applicable units will remain eligible for EOPS until they reach 70 units, as space allows. In addition, a student must meet all of student responsibilities as stated in the Mutual Responsibilities Contract. Continued eligibility is determined each semester through EOPS Intake.

Click here to view the “EOPS Warning Policies” form provided to you during EOPS intake.

For additional information about EOPS, please call 209.588.5130

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