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Transfer Model Curriculum

Transfer Model Curriculum


    ♦ California Community Chancellor's Office

•  Page with links related to SB 1440 concerning legislation, counseling, curriculum, and communications.   SB 1440 - Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act   

•  Chancellor's Office 80% goal , correction announced

•  Examples of AA-T and AS-T degrees already approved by the CCC Chancelor's Office


♦ Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

•  One page summary article of what an AA-T and AS-T is and how they fit into Community Colleges.    Associate Degrees for Transfer


    ♦ The Campaign for College Opportunity

 •  A report on the progress and implementation of SB1440 at community colleges and the CSU system.   Meeting Compliance but Missing the Mark   (PowerPoint in pdf format)


    ♦ Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID)  C-ID descriptors and more  

    ♦ For Faculty 

• Informational presentation   What do Faculty Need to Know (PowerPoint in pdf format) 

• Guide to process and participants  Developing Your AA-T or AS-T  ...(under construction)

Columbia College TMC Tracking

♦ For Students

• A resource for students pursuing the Associate Degree for Transfer adegreewtihaguarantee.com

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