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Curriculum Proposal-Major Modification

Curriculum Proposal-Major Modification

Courses undergoing a five year review or will have changes made to their course outline that affect the catalog should be submitted in CurricUNET as a Major Modification proposal. This type of proposal opens all fields for editing and reviews by the curriculum approval process. It also allows the originator to make changes if necessary from the recommendations made by the Curriculum Committee. An approved Major Modification proposal resets the time clock of the five year review process.

The difference between a Minor Modification and Major Modification proposal can be seen in the Course Modifications Checklist. As well, the checklist correlates the components of the course outline of record (COR) to the checklist found in CurricUNET helping to track your where your changes appear.

A Major Modification proposal is started in CurricUNET by using the existing COR that has already been through the approval process. A copy is made that the originator and co-contributors of the proposal, if any, to work on without affecting the existing approved course. Until the new proposal itself has completed its way through the approval process, the original course will continue to show up for all others.

Course Modification Checklist

The steps necessary to begin a Minor Modification proposal of a course in CurricUNET are shown below.

STEP 1: Log into CurricUNET and under the Courses menu choose Course Modification.CurricUNET

STEP 2: Enter criteria for the search feature to retrieve the course you want to modify.



STEP 3: With the course found, click on the copy icon. CurricUNET will use this copy for your proposal.CurricUNET

STEP 4: Select the type of proposal to make. In this case, choose a Major Course Modification.CurricUNET

STEP 5: Provide the rational for your proposal and click on OK. That's it! You now have a course proposal you can modify and submit.CurricUNET


STEP 6: While under construction, the course is found in Build-Courses. complete all required parts of the proposal before submitting. After the course is submitted it will appear under Track-Proposals. You can also use the worksheet Tracking Your Proposal to follow the course through the approval process.CurricUNET

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