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Curriculum Proposal-Distance Education

Curriculum Proposal-Distance Education

A Distance Education Proposal is a separate proposal type in CurricUNET that can be chosen when starting a proposal on a course.


Distance Education Addendum Process  

  1. The “Distance Education” proposal type may be used as a mechanism for allowing faculty to obtain an alternative approval of online and hybrid modalities for approved courses before their five-year review date.


  1. Distance Education proposals do not fall into the category of a “course modification” and therefore do not require YCCD Board approval.


  1. The Curriculum Committee may consider and approve D.E. proposals.


  1. The effective date of an approved Distance Education proposal may be as soon as the semester immediately following approval.


  1. The effective term for DEAs is to be immediately after the next scheduled offering.


  1. D.E. proposals are to be viewed as self-contained proposals and do not allow for re-consideration of course content, objectives, etc. that have already been approved.
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