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Curriculum Review Definitions

Curriculum Review Definitions

3. Definitions

a. New Course Vs. Modified

• A course is considered new if more than 20% of the content has changed as determined by a consensus of the department faculty. In such cases, it will be given a new course number.

• If a course is changed less than 20%, it should be considered either a Major or a Minor modification as defined below. It such cases it will retain the old course number.

b. Major Modification

• In general, courses that need major modification are courses that, when modified, change one or more items in the catalog entry. These include course description, course discipline number, course title, units, lecture/lab hours, distance learning, prerequisites/co-requisites/advisories, repeatability, field trips and credit/no-credit (see Course Modification Checklist for further detail). Existing courses due for the five year review are also considered major and must be submitted as a Major Course Modification proposal in CurricUNET. Note: Distance learning courses require special curriculum action, and are therefore considered major.

c. Minor Modification

• Courses that need minor modification are courses that, when modified, DO NOT change the catalog entry. In general, a minor modification involves changes not listed above as major. See the "Check List for Curriculum Review" for these items.

d. Course Discontinuance

• Submitted through CurricUNET, discontinued courses will be removed from the catalog, schedule and review process. The effect of course discontinuance can be viewed in the Course Impact Report in CurricUNET and should be carefully considered.

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