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Curriculum Committee Handbook

Curriculum Committee Handbook

(Note: Undergoing further changes and portions are pending approval)
Introduction  * Welcome    
  Chair Message    
  District Policy 4020    
Section 1  * Curriculum Committee                               
  A.  Current Membership and Terms    
  B.  Bylaws    
Section 2  * Curriculum Review    
  A.  District Policy 4220, District Policy 4300    
  B.  Curriculum Review Mandate    
  C.  Definitions    
  D.  Course Outline of Record    
  E.  Course Numbering    
Section 3  * Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories    
  A.  District Policy 4260     
  B.  Developing    
  C.  Levels of Scrutiny    
  D.  Forms    
Section 4  * Making Course Proposals in CurricUNET    
  A.  Proposal Pathways     
  B.  Courses (New, Minor, Major, DE)    
  C.  Tracking Your Proposal Worksheet    
  D.  Independent Study    
Section 5  * (reserved for future development)    
Section 6  * Awards    
  A.  District Policy 4025, District Policy 4100    
  B.  Award Review (under development)    
  C.  Award Proposals (under development)    
Section 7  * Appendices            
  A.  Committee Processes    
  1.  Flow Charts
     Process for Chair
     Action Items
     Information Items
     Discussion Items
  2.  Notice and Confirmation of Course Outlines of Record    
  B.  Articulation Criteria    
  C.  Visuals for Course Review    
  1.  Five Year Course Review Process Chart    
  2.  Course Modifications Checklist (with correlations to CurricUNET)    
  3.  Technical Review Oversight Chart    
  4.  Tracking Your Proposal Worksheet    
  5.  Course Numbering    
  6.  Interpreting 5-year Reports    
  7.  Stand Alone Review    
  8.  Articulation Process Flowchart    
Section 8  * Glossary    
Section 9  * Outside/Online Resources    
  A.  The Course Outline of Record, Curriculum Reference Guide    
  C.  Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH)    
  D.  Minimum Qualifications    
  E.  Articulation Handbook    
Section 10

 * CurricUNET

Section 11  * Policies and Procedures    
         A.  Distance Education Addendum Process    
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