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Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review Process
and Course Outline of Record Policies and Procedures

1. Mandate

Curriculum review is a mandated periodic review of each course listed in the catalog as well as non-credit courses to ensure that they are:

a. current,
b. in alignment with the purposes of the course within the curriculum, and
c. in alignment with the Education Code and California Code of Regulations.

If the course is a transfer course (courses numbered 1-99), it must also be in alignment with the UC and CSU guidelines. GE breadth courses also have guidelines that must be followed.

Please check with the College’s Articulation Officer if you have specific questions concerning transferability. Courses that are out of compliance cannot be counted for funding purposes. Thus, these courses cannot be offered in subsequent class schedules.

Completion of curriculum review is the responsibility of the faculty in each area.

2. Curriculum ReviewProcess

The Office of Student Learning maintains a matrix of all courses, both credit and non-credit, indicating the most recent review date for each course. Before the Fall semester, the Vice-President of Student Learning shall identify courses to be reviewed each year. These courses are assigned to the academic deans to submit to appropriate faculty for review at the Fall In-service, along with a curriculum calendar indicating when the course(s) should be submitted to the Curriculum Committee.

Faculty members determine whether each course:a. meets the standards of the course as it stands,

a. meets the standards of the course as it stands,
b. requires minor modification, or
c. requires major modification.

All courses being reviewed must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee through the CurricUNET process, even if they required no modification. This will reset the review date for the next 5 year review.

The Curriculum Committee takes action to accept or reject the curriculum review for each course. This action is recorded in the Curriculum Committee minutes. A board agenda item is prepared and submitted to the District Governing Board at the end of each academic year listing the courses that have been reviewed.


 Five Year Review Process Diagram

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