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 Program Reviews

Program Reviews

To find out if one of your Program's 5 year review is due, use the dropdown list in the "Program List" box, click on the Program you are looking for, and the result will be displayed.

You can also search by status, using the "Status Choices" box. Once a status is selected, only the courses with the selected status will be listed.

NOTICE: The report below has 3 pages

First Page: Programs Review Status
Programs Review Timeline
Programs Review Data Table
You MUST clear your selection before doing a new search (as shown below). Shows the status of the Programs and the number of days left before the next review is needed. The Data Table can be printed.

1. First: Expand the table, using the icon on the right corner, at the bottom of the report.

2. use the <> at the bottom of the page to go to the page where the table is located at (printing works only for the table at this point).

3. Click on the focus mode found on the top right of the page (will appear only if you place your cursor on it)

4.Print using your browser printing capabilities (adjust the size of the print if needed)


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