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If I am having difficulty in class, what should I do?

Here are a few ideas, but you also may want to talk with a counselor for strategies regarding your particular situation.

  • Attend every class, use your syllabus as a guide, and complete your homework on time.
  • Talk to your instructor. Instructors have time set aside to meet with students outside of the classroom called 'Office Hours' designed for purposes such as understanding concepts, assignments and/or struggles in the class. Check your syllabus or your instructor's faculty page for office hours and/or how to contact them.
  • Math support is available in the Math Lab located in Juniper 5 (209) 588-5276. It is an open lab wehre students can get help with questions, prep for an exam, and some have found it useful to do there to get help if they get stuck.
  • Writing assistance, study skills and other homework support is available in the Academic Achievement Center (209) 588-5088. This is free, but by appointment only, peer tutoring and it is offered for most subjects at Columbia.
  • Research assistance is available in the Library (209) 588-5119.
  • Disability accommodation and support is available in the DSPS Department (209) 588-5130.
  • Problem solving and academic advising assistance is available in the Counseling Department (209) 588-5109.
  • Set up a study group with students from your class. There are study group rooms available in the library and the student center that you can reserve for this purpose.

I would like to learn better study skills like note-taking, reading textbooks effectively and time management. Where can I find help with this?

  • Student Success Workshops are offered for free and regularly throughout the semester. Follow the link above for the schedule and videos of previous presentations here.
  • Guidance 100: College Success is a class designed to help build your student skills. It's a full semester, 3 unit class that explores everything from motivation and time management to specific ideas and tools for educational planning and success. Check out the course description, and the current class schedule to find out when it is being offered.
  • The Academic Achievement Center offers skill building tutoring sessions. Ask for the specific skill you'd like to improve when making your appointment and they will schedule you with a peer tutor accomplished in that area. On thier website, they also offer videos of tutors' tips for success in a variety of skills.
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