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Registration and Classes

Where can I get a Schedule of Classes and/or a college catalog?

Columbia 's Schedule of Classes and Catalog are currently offered for free on-line. Class schedules are available via the Class Search button at the top of our website, as well as within the connectColumbia portal. You can pick up print copies of the most recent catalog at an orientation session or in the Counseling office in upper Manzanita.

Do I need to meet with a counselor before I can register for classes?

Short answer: Yes. But we don't actually register you into classes. Counselors assist you in course selection, goal setting and planning. New regulations for priority registration require that you attend an orientation and advisement session prior to your first semester at Columbia and receive a counselor signed first semester plan.  If you need help with the registration process, you will want to refer to the current Schedule of Classes, and you can come to the Career/Transfer Center computer lab area in upper Manzanita for assistance during office hours.

What if a class I want is full?

When you go online to register for classes, it may say that the class you want is full. There may be an option for you to be added to a wait list. If you are on the waiting list, you will want to pay attention to your student email for our Wait-list Watch procedure if a spot opens up in the course for you prior to the first day of class. Otherwise, attend the first day of class as if you were able to register for it. If registered students do not show up, the instructor may add students to the class from the waiting list until the class is full. This is not a guaranteed way to get into a class. You may want to register for another class that is open to ensure that you are able to have a full schedule.

How do I drop a class? Are there deadlines?

It is the student's responsibility to drop classes. Teachers are not responsible for dropping students from classes. If you fail to drop classes, you may receive an "F" grade. You can drop classes through your online student portal, connectColumbia. There are deadlines associated with dropping courses—please refer to your class schedule to find out particular dates for your specific courses. Note that there is an early deadline to drop classes where the course will not appear on your transcript ("no penalty drop"). There is also a later deadline, where the course will appear and you will receive a "W" letter grade for withdrawal. Once the last deadline has passed, you will receive a letter grade. Note: Late starting classes list their drop dates on your course schedule.

If spots open in a previously full class, do waitlisted students get priority over students just showing up to see if they can add?

Yes, through our Wait List Watch procedure. Then, once class begins, instructors give add codes first to waitlisted students (who show up on the first day), then spots will be offered to those who just 'show up' if there is still space in the class.

What is a prerequisite? Do I really have to have it to take a course that lists one?

A prerequisite is a course or skill level you must show before you take the course requiring it. It is a requirement, not a suggestion! You must satisfactorily meet the prerequisite before taking the course, or you may be blocked from registering for the course or subject to removal from the course in question.

An example would be English 1B. The prerequisite for Eng 1B is English 1A with a "C" grade or better. These courses must be taken in the order specified and the requirements of the first course must be met before you can enroll in the second, to ensure you have the skill set to succeed in the desired course.

You may challenge the prerequisite if you feel you have meet the requirement through other coursework or can prove you have the equivalent of the prerequisite from other skills you can demonstrate. See a counselor for more information.

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