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What is Probation? Can I be dismissed because of it?

Probation or Dismissal status is earned when grade point average and/or academic progress is substandard and you are no longer in good scholastic standing with Columbia College. Refer to our Probation page for detailed information. You must meet with a counselor to register for future coursework while on Probation or Dismissal Status.

Academic probation means you have attempted 12 or more units and earned a grade point average below "C" or 2.0.

Progress probation means that you have enrolled in 12 or more units at Columbia, but have either withdrawn or received a "no credit" or "incomplete" in half or more of your courses

Dismissal status happens if for the third consecutive semester, you fail to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. A student will also be placed on Academic Dismissal if, while on academic probation, his/her cumulative GPA falls below 1.75 or they fail to meet terms of a probation contract between you and your counselor.

If you are on Academic and/or Progress Probation, you may also be on Financial Aid Probation or Disqualification. Please check your status with the Financial Aid Office by calling 209-588-5105.

I got an email saying I'm on Academic Status, what does this mean and what can I do to keep coming to school?

It means that, so far, you are not succeeding to the level required for good standing in a college; it also means something needs to change if you are to continue. The letter states that you are required to see a counselor prior to enrolling in future courses. This counseling is not to punish you; rather we hope to help you solve the difficulties that caused the substandard grades to be earned. As part of probation, you are limited to taking 12 or fewer units per semester, must obtain counselor signature for registration, and may be required to take certain courses or be barred from certain courses until your academic performance improves. We can help you come to terms with what caused this level of performance and draw up a plan for recovery. In particular, you will want to agree to utilize services offered here that could strengthen your skills as a student. We can work with you to develop a more sustainable plan to achieve your goals. Make an appointment with a counselor as soon as possible.

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