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Google+ Hangout with a Counselor

All current students and those who are interested in pursuing classes at Columbia College are invited to ask quick general counseling related questions in a live chat/drop in style forum.

This is an open hangout/chat forum, where anyone who is in the Hangout can see/hear you, your questions, and the answer the counselor provides. There may be up to 10 participants at any one time, including the counselor.

To minimize the risk of confidentiality breach, the counselor will only provide general information, and will not share information or work on students records via the Hangout forum. No educational plans or transcript evaluations are available in these Hangouts.

This service utilizes Google Hangout web conferencing technology. To access this service your computer will need the following:

  • A high speed Internet connection (dial up does not work)
  • Microphone (preferably a noise-cancelling headset microphone)
  • Speakers
  • Webcam (optional, but great)
  • Google+ account (create one, if needed, by watching this tutorial)
  • Google video chat plug-in (if not already installed)

How to access Google+ Hangout with a Counselor:

To be included in the Hangout, you will need to have your Google+ account set up and the video chat plug-in installed.

  • Call to provide the Counseling office (209-588-5109) your Student ID # and the email connected to your Google+ account and ask to be included in the Drop-In Hangout.
  • Log into your Google+ account and expect to receive a Hangout invitation from a Columbia College Counselor when there is room in the Hangout (remember, 10 people max at a time). You will likely see their email address (...@yosemite.edu). You will also receive an invite through your email and can access the Hangout that way as well.
  • Accept the invitation and join the conversation!

Google+ Hangout with a Counselor

--Currently offering Google Hangouts with University Admission Representatives each month. Please see the Student Success Workshop Schedule for dates and times.
--Currently no Hangout Times are Scheduled with Columbia College Counselors

*Before using our Hangout option, please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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