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High School to College Transition

What are the main differences between High School and College?

College is a different world than high school and there are a few marked differences that are helpful for students to be aware of, including:

 High School to College Transition

What are the steps to apply to and enroll at Columbia College?

Visit our New Students page for details and recommended timelines.

What if I am still in High School and want to take college courses?

Columbia College may admit students who are 14 years of age or older who would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work. To be eligible for admission, a student must be in good standing with the school in which he/she is enrolled and may not enroll in more than 11.5 units in any term.

All applicants must submit a Columbia College Admissions Application. Students must also submit a Columbia College Medical Treatment Consent form and Fee Waiver Application, and a High School Petition for Advanced Admissions (found on Admissions Forms website). Credit for courses completed shall be at the level determined to be appropriate by the school district and the community college governing board.

No special arrangements for additional supervision of underage students are available at Columbia College. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to assure that their student is able to handle the college environment, as well as the content of the courses in which the student enrolls.

The Yosemite Community College Board of Trustees has waived the enrollment unit fee for special admit students. However, all students must have the Fee Waiver Application on file and will be responsible for all other fees. Contact the college Admissions Office for further college policies and procedures.

How do I get my AP tests/classes to count for credit at Columbia College?

Students must be enrolled at Columbia College to receive credit for AP exams. Official score reports (no copies accepted) from the College Board AP Program must be sent to the Admissions Office at Columbia College. Official score reports can be obtained by calling 888.225.5427 (toll free).

Students will be granted credit for AP test scores of 3, 4, or 5 in the specific areas indicated on the AP chart in the current Columbia College catalog. Units earned by AP exams can be used to meet IGETC, CSU GE Breadth requirements and general education toward Associate Degrees. See a college counselor for exceptions and restrictions.

How do I get credit from my Career Technical Education (CTE) course at my high school to count for credit here?

Columbia College has agreements with various local high school CTE (or ROP) programs to offer college credit for courses classes taken at the high school level. Each course is specific to its own requirements and the information can be found on the Career Technical Education website as to what those requirements are for agreements currently in place.

In order for a student to receive credit on the Columbia College end, the student must complete the high school course, apply to Columbia College, and complete then submit the form titled Certificate of Student Completion of Articulated Course found here. A student does not have to register for classes at Columbia College to receive these credits, and it is free to receive these credits.

How do I get the courses I take here to apply back to my high school for graduation credits?

Student needs to request official Columbia College transcripts to be sent to the High School Registrar. Your High School Counselor will then determine the high school credit conversion.

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