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Early Alert

Instructors: How to Use Early Alert

  • Early Alert can be accessed through connectColumbia or through this Counseling website
  • Early Alert can be accessed from an off-campus location.
  • Early Alert only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

How to Send an Early Alert

  1. Select SARS (Early Alert). Enter your login information. Your login information is the same as your college email/network login.
  2. On successful login you will see the faculty information screen. This screen gives a brief introduction to Early Alert.
  3. Select the Continue button when you are ready to proceed.
  4. Under Instructor/Course Information, you will see a menu with a drop down list. these are the course numbers for the classes that you are teaching. Select the course number for the class with the students you wish to place an EarlyAlert on.
  5. A pop-up box will show your class roster. Place a check in the box next to one of the students. (note: EarlyAlerts can be placed on only 1 student at a time)
  6. The "Message to Service Area(s)" box is provided for you to send a private message with additional information directly to the counselors. (Note: This message will only go to the counselors.)
  7. Place a check next to any or all of the Academic Concerns that apply to the student.
  8. Type a personal message to the student in the text area on the bottom of the screen labeled Message to Student. This message will be included in the e-mail to the student.
  9. You can select the Print button to print and save a copy of the Alert for yourself or to give to the student.
  10. Select the Submit button to send the Early Alert message by e-mail to the student. The service areas will be notified that an Early Alert was sent.

How to View Early Alert

To "view" your Early Alert submissions, select the VIEW button at the bottom of the page. It is not necessary to pre-select your course and list of student. A pop-up window directs you to choose the appropriate semester. A list of students with alerts will show, allowing you to select a particular student and view or modify that particular alert. You can see if the student has accessed Counseling Services.

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