Community Education Courses

Community Education Courses

Spring 2014

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Oral History

Cynthia Restivo

Learn the nuts and bolts of using oral history interviews to uncover the past. You know lots of people that have fascinating stories and have lived through significant historical events – learn how to capture those stories digitally as a legacy for their families or to be archived for future historians.

Saturday, 2/22/14, 3/15/14, 4/5/14 and 4/26/14 1:00P-3:00P

CC: Buckeye 3

$35.00 class fee



Cynthia Restivo

Share the power of storytelling! Calling all teachers, parents, grandparents, docents, forest interpreters, and clergy that want to know more. Take your storytelling to the next level in a supportive environment whether you are a novice or experienced teller. We will examine story selection, how to capture and keep your audience's attention, telling for different ages and stages, character development, embodying the story, descriptive language and getting at the bones of the story. Each teller will develop a folktale and a personal/memoir story for telling.

Saturday, 2/22/14, 3/15/14, 4/5/14 and 4/26/14 10:00A-12:00P

CC: Buckeye 3

$35.00 class fee


Traditional Tai Chi Basics

Phil Vance

This is a beginner Tai Chi course that focuses on the basic movements of the Yang Style 24 forms. Each of these movements serves as a mini Tai Chi form which will be refined over the course of the class to create proper structure, balance and coordination. Ultimately the movements will be combined into the Yang Style 24 form, considered the most popular style of Tai Chi.

Sunday, April 6-May 25, 2014 10:00am-11:00am

CC: Oak Pavilion courts

$65.00 class fee


Beginning Guitar

Mike Gianelli

This class will teach the fundamentals of guitar beginning with the basics of theory, time, and rhythm.

Thursday, March 6,-April 17, 2014 6:00P-7:00P

CC: Dogwood

$100.00 class fee


Ballroom Dancing

Jim and Ilene Tassano

Dancing is alive in Tuolumne County! Join the fun at dance events like Concert in the Pines, Columbia Street dance and events at the Willow Creek Lounge in Black Oak Casino. First time dancers will learn four popular ballroom dances: waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha and rumba. Optional field trips will be encouraged to help you get out and dance.

Wednesdays, March 5-April 23, 2014 6:00P-7:00P

CC:-Alder 5

$60.00 class fee


Swing Dancing

Jim and Ilene Tassano

Swing is the most popular and useful dance in Tuolumne county. You will be out dancing in eight weeks to 40's, 50's, Big Band, country-western and popular music. Join the other dancers at events like concert in the Pines, Columbia Street dance and events at the Willow Creek Lounge in Black Oak Casino. This course if for first –time dancers and anyone wanting to have fun, get exercise, and learn single and triple rhythm East Coast Swing. Optional field trips will be encouraged to help you get out and dance.

Wednesdays, March 5-April 23, 2014 7:00P-8:00P

CC: Alder 5

$60.00 class fee


Herbal Home Remedies for Children

Laureen Campana

Learn simple, safe and effective remedies with the use of herbs and essential oils to care for the minor illnesses of your children at home. Colds, tummy upset, bumps and bruises, bites and rashes may all be well cared for from the green world. This is a hands on class where we will be making remedies for you to take home.

Sunday February 9, 2014 9:00A-3:00P

$55.00 class fee includes materials fee

CC: Maple 102

Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers

Bob Vance

Baby Boomers are facing a very different and much more difficult retirement than their parent's generation. In this class, we will explore those challenges in detail including Social Security, Medicare and health care. Students will be learning how to plan for retirement and understand the principles of good money management, cash flow management and "rock solid" investing. We will be learning how to build a diversified portfolio that works in both good times and bad. The class will cover the basics of estate planning, passing on a legacy and how different insurances can protect assets from erosion or government taxation. Sometime will be devoted to understanding the basics of taxation and how poor tax planning can hurt your retirement. Using all the information learned, students will put together their own financial road map that will help them navigate their future with confidence. This class is designed for all retirees and pre-retirees and will focus on breaking down complex problems and developing easy-to-understand solutions.

Mondays, March 3-April 28, 2014 6:30P-8:00P

$25.00 class fee+ $10 material fee

CC- Sugar Pine 115


Chantal Plummer

In this French class, you will be guided step by step through some of the basic/intermediate language skills you would need for a first trip to France or/and for some conversation with French people. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice in class what you have learned. You will learn to use standard phrases and French sentences so they become automatic. Pre-requisites: French 101, 102 or some knowledge in French.

Fridays, January 31-April 25, 2014 9:00A-10:30A

$130.00 class fee

CC- Aspen 1


Writing Your Life Stories

Rick Rivera

This course is designed to guide participants through the writing process as they develop autobiographical stories. Course meetings will include instruction on narration and description, developing a theme or themes, and sharing writing with each other. Participants are encouraged to think about their life stories as artifacts they can share with their families and friends.

Tuesdays and Thursdays April 1-April 24th 12:30p-2:30p

$25.00 class fee

CC- Sugar Pine 213



Peggy Reza

Ukulele classes will start at the beginning level and advance as students progress with varying levels of chords, ease of chord-transition, strum patterns and styles. Lessons include dynamics, musician etiquette in a setting with group play & group support. Intermediate players are welcome to join the class for musical interaction, support and new instruction.

2 sessions

Thursdays, February 20-March 27/2014 6:00P-8:00P

Thursdays, April 3-May 15/2014 6:00P-8:00P

$95.00 class fee

CC: Maple 102


Bread Baking

Gene Womble

Learn the delightful whimsical nature of various versatile batters and doughs and how it's sometimes well enough to leave something alone. Class is limited to 12 students.

Saturday, February 8, 2014 10:00A-1:00P

$25.00 class fee + $10 material fee *

CC: Culinary Kitchen, Manzanita


Kids in the Kitchen

Gene Womble

Children will have the opportunity to work with a professional chef. The students will prepare individual pizzas and a small French bread and bake an assortment of cookies. Get your chef hats and bring an appetite! Class size is limited to 12 students, ages 8-12.

Saturday, March 8, 2014 10:00A-1:00P

$25.00 class fee + $10 material fee *

CC: Culinary Kitchen, Manzanita


Pasta Making

Gene Womble

Enjoy the art of making a few different types of pastas. You will have the opportunity to learn basic pastas and sauces that you will be able to use for future dinners that are simple and complete. Class is limited to 12 students.

Saturday, April 5, 2014 10:00A-2:00P

$50.00 class fee + $20 material fee*

CC: Culinary Kitchen, Manzanita


Beginning Blacksmithing

Tim Mann

This class is an introduction to the processes involved in moving metal to make useful and decorative objects. You will learn to build and maintain a forge fire, make simple tools, and use those tools to make more elaborate projects. Natural fiber (cotton or wool) clothing and safety glasses are required.

Saturday, April 12 and 19 9:00A-3:30P

$20.00 class fee + $30.00 material fee *

Quyle Kilns

3353 East Hwy 4

Murphys, CA


Pinecrest Lake Natural History

Ross Carkeet

Regale in the arrival of springtime in the high Sierra while hiking the scenic Pinecrest Lake loop trail and observing the dynamic spring snow melt runoff from the South Fork Stanislaus River into the lake. A short diversion hike up the river for a lunch break will provide an opportunity to see the historic remains of the 1850's log crib dam constructed to impound water in a reservoir called Eleanor for use in mining activities in the foothills. The mystery of a large, mortarless, stone wall near the crib dam will be discussed. Information will be presented with lecture stops along the trail on the ecology and natural history of the area. The four and one-half mile round-trip trail hike is moderately strenuous at 5,600 feet elevation, with some up and down trail on rock, and a few, inclined, rough portions. Meet at the Pinecrest Lake Amphitheatre at 9:00 a.m. and bring comfortable hiking shoes, protective clothing, water and a lunch. Class is limited to 25 students.

Saturday, May 31, 2014 9:00A-3:00P

$35.00 class fee



John Accurso

You will learn and practice drawing skills, brainstorming exercises, development of characters, some fundamentals of humor and caricature. After participating in this course, students will be able to make a humorous gag cartoon and a full-page comic strip of original invention.

Wednesdays, March 5 -April 23, 2014 9:35A-12:00P

$50 class fee

CC: Sugar Pine 115


Improve Your Scrabble Game

John Accurso

This is a beginner's class for people who are interested in improving their scores in the game of Scrabble. Learn what words to study, mnemonics for word retention, and strategy. The class procedure includes playing the game with classmates and the instructor as coach. After participating in this course, students will be able to apply strategy such as parallel plays and rack leave, use mnemonic techniques, handle anagramming with greater ease and average a higher score.

Mondays, March 3-April 21, 2014 8:00A-10:00A

$30.00 class fee

CC: Sugar Pine 113



Wayne Christensen

The class will start out with a slide presentation, beginning with our solar system, then reviewing some of the objects in our galaxy and moving out to observe other galaxies. We will be using our new 14' computer-controlled telescope and two 8' computer-controlled telescopes. Objects of interest are subject to the season, but we can observe our planetary neighbors, Messier objects like the Ring Nebula, Eagle Nebula, Orion Nebula, open star clusters, global star clusters and more. Class is limited to 20 students.

Saturday, April 26, 2014 6:00P-9:30P

$20.00 class fee

CC: Fir 3 and Observatory


Community Orchestra

Mic Harper

Study and performance of orchestral literature of various styles

and media. Audition required for strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion

players as needed. This class is intended for orchestral musicians too young to register for either Music 76 or 303. The class meets for three hours weekly for 16 weeks and includes performance opportunities.

Tuesdays, January 14-April 29 6:00P-9:05P

$20.00 class fee

Sonora High Band Room