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Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

Program Overview

Fine food is a work of art – in the hands of a truly gifted culinary expert, everyday meals are elevated into sublime experiences. Columbia College's Hospitality Management program will not only teach you how to prepare and create extraordinary cuisine, you'll also gain the practical knowledge and hands-on experience sought by restaurants everywhere. Sign up today and take the first step toward a successful culinary career.

The Hospitality Management program is one of our most popular vocational education programs and with good reason – it's a highly respected program by restauranteurs throughout the county and the country.

Career Training

Our talented instructors are 100% committed to your success, not only while you're enrolled in the program but more importantly, after you leave and begin your culinary career. An advisory committee of culinary professionals guides our curriculum – members are executive chefs and food and beverage managers from local restaurants, hotels, and other establishments. The Hospitality Management program has also received certification from the prestigious American Culinary Federation. Upon completion, you'll have a great start for a career as a baker, chef, dinner line cook, pantry and dessert chef, deli cook, dining room and staff manager, bartender, and restaurant manager.

Student Networking

Our program's reputation draws students from across the nation and around the world. Columbia College's small nature allows our students to receive an abundance of interaction and guidance from our skilled instructors, as well as significantly increased opportunities to participate in the kitchen lab and pastry shop than typically seen at larger institutions. And as part of the overall Hospitality Management curriculum, students here are also introduced to the world of advanced classical cuisine preparation, fine dining room management and service, wine making, and kitchen and beverage management.

Degrees Offered

See the current college catalog (available on campus or online) for course information on the following degrees:

Associate in Science (AS)

  • Emphasis in Culinary Arts
  • Emphasis in Restaurant Management

Associate in Science – Occupational Education (ASOE)

  • Chef
  • Dinner Line Cook
  • Pastry and Dessert Chef
  • Restaurant Management

Certificate of Achievement (COA)

  • Chef
  • Dinner Line Cook
  • Pastry and Dessert Chef
  • Restaurant Management

Skills Attainment Certificate (SAC)

  • Baker
  • Baking for Entrepreneurs
  • Bartender
  • Chef for Entrepreneurs
  • Deli Cook & Baker
  • Dining Room Management
  • Dining Room Staff
  • Safety and Sanitation
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