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Computer And Communications Technology

Computer And Communications Technology

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Program Overview

More so than any other time in history, computers play a vital, essential role in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Solid computer skills are a necessity, not a luxury – combining computer skills, good communication and business savvy will make you an extremely valuable asset to almost any employer, and ensure your chances of advancing upward more quickly.

Whether you are a novice first learning about computers or a seasoned veteran already well along in your career and simply looking for the opportunity to polish your existing skillset, Columbia College's Computer & Communications Technology department offers courses with concepts you can apply to your goals.

Career Training

The strength of Columbia's CCT program lies with our talented team of instructors, who combine effective teaching methods with years of combined business and industry experience. Our courses are based on real-life projects using industry standard applications, and through partnerships with the businesses in the community, we offer practical work experience at applicable job sites for our students. Included among the practical, job-applicable skills taught here are database management, financial spreadsheets, word processing, and multimedia presentations. In addition, time management, project management, and team-building techniques are strongly emphasized.

Student Networking

The CCT curriculum specializes in four areas;Programming (CCTPG),Digital Media (CCTDM), Support Services (CCTSS) and Information Systems (CCTIS), which includes our Geographic Information Systems courses.  Also, the fundamentals taught in this program are compatible with and supportive of those taught in the Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Office Technology, and other departments. And if you're looking to get your head start of a four-year education here, most of the courses are transferrable to four-year universities – plus you can take advantage of the smaller class sizes and individualized instruction before moving on to bigger classrooms.

Degrees Offered

See the current college catalog (available on campus or online) for course information on the following degrees:

Associate in Science (AS)
Business/Web Development
Geographic Information Systems
Multimedia Technology
Post-Secondary Studies: Emphasis in Computer Science

Certificate of Achievement (COA)
Applied Computer Studies Business Emphasis
Geographic Information Systems
Multimedia Technician – Digital Media
Multimedia Technician – Web Development

Skills Attainment Certificate (SAC)
Digital Graphic Arts for Entrepreneurs
Multimedia Technician for Entrepreneurs
Video Production for Entrepreneurs
Website Development for Entrepreneurs
GIS Geodatabase Micro-Credential
GIS Geospatial Micro-Credential
GIS Emergency Response Micro-Credential
GIS/UAV Drone Mapping Micro-Credential

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