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Fine Arts

Fine Arts


If science or mathematics is a desired outcome, start by studying and practicing art and music. A foundation in the arts will nourish your inner scientist, sharpen your observation skills and help develop critical thinking. Music helps develop mathematical reasoning. Creating art, studying music, and performing drama have a positive impact on one's cognitive life. Cultural literacy is an essential skill in the global economy.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Visual artstudents will demonstrate a foundation of art skills and a high level of craftsmanship by utilizing a variety of tools and technologies
  • Visual artstudents will demonstrate an understanding of the art materials, methods and techniques, historical and contemporary, and the contexts in which they are employed
  • Students taking classes in music will have the practical skills to perform in their specific communities
  • Music students will demonstrate the ability to read music at a rudimentary and intermediate level
  • Students taking classesin music will be able to attend concerts and listen to recorded performances appreciating the skills of the performers, the style of the music compared to other styles of music, and be able to identify the various elements of music including melody, harmony, and rhythm
  • Drama students will demonstrate the ability to act, portraying a wide range of emotion. Drama students will demonstrate a wide variety of interpretive methods

Conclusion/Additional Information:

  • Coursework in the visual arts will enhance every chosen course of study. Elements of art design touch every single aspect of our lives from cell phones to cars to community planning
  • Coursework in musicwill provide an understanding of the one universal communication: Music
  • Coursework in drama providesthe opportunity for humanitarian expression—and the ability to reach out and affect the lives of others
  • The Fine Arts are a critical tool for communication and introspection in the Information Age

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