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Behavioral & Social Sciences


Behavioral and Social Sciences courses at Columbia College include Anthropology, Geography, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Speech. Students pursuing coursework in these subjects will benefit from a rich and in-depth experience that can lead to successful transfer to a four-year institution as well as meeting general education requirements for an AA/AS degree. 

Measurable Outcomes

Students successfully completing courses in these areas will likely be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge ofthe mostsignificant theories, methods, structures, processes, and institutions associated with Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Critically analyze, evaluate, and articulate establishedways of knowing in the Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Demonstrate criticalthinking competenciesin analyzing competing hypotheses
  • Demonstrate competencies associatedwith 21st century citizenship and adulthood—these competencies include basic awareness of diverse perspectives and their implications—culturally, socially, psychologically, philosophically, historically, and geographically
  • Demonstrate ability to engage in and maintain effective approaches to problem solving