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Special Admit Students

Special Admit Students

High School Students at Columbia

Special Admit Students / Admissions and Records  209.588.5231
Columbia College may admit students who are 14 years of age or older who would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work according to Education Code 48800, 48800-5, and 76000 and Board Policy 5010. To be eligible for admission, a student must be in good standing with the school in which he/she is enrolled and may not enroll in more than 11.5 units in any term. All applicants must submit a:

Columbia College Admissions Application
Fee Waiver Application
High School Petition for Advanced Admissions
Health Service consent for treatment of minors

Students must satisfy all course prerequisites as defined in the current catalog and complete the College assessment prior to enrollment in math and/or English courses. Assessment tests can be scheduled through the Counseling Office, upper level of the Manzanita building, and are generally available Monday through Friday between 8am and 3pm. Call 209.588.5109 to make an appointment. Credit for courses completed shall be at the level determined to be appropriate by the school district and the community college governing board. Eligible students may apply on the college website. Students may register during open registration for appropriate classes providing that the admissions paperwork is on file in the Admissions and Records office. The required documents are available online following the links above or on the left under Resources.

No special arrangements for additional supervision of underage students are available at Columbia College. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to assure that their student is able to handle the college environment, as well as the content of the courses in which the student enrolls. Beginning Summer term of 2007, the Yosemite Community College Board of Trustees has waived the enrollment unit fee for special admit students. However, all students must have the Fee Waiver Application (BOGW) on file and will be responsible for all other fees. Contact the College Admissions and Records Office at 209.588.5231 for further college policies and procedures.

Summerville High School / Early College Program  209.928.4228 ext 229

The Early College Program is a partnership between Summerville High School and Columbia College which allows juniors and seniors to take college classes concurrently with their high school classes. Summerville High School Grade Level Coordinators will work with students to help adjust their high school schedule to best adapt to their college course schedule.

Middle College at Columbia

Middle College / Courtney Castle  209.532.5511 ext 119

Middle College, a partnership between Columbia College and Sonora High School, offers juniors and seniors in high school the opportunity to begin their college careers before graduation. Students are able to work toward an Associate's Degree, explore possible careers, or gain advanced technical training. Students from all area high schools who have demonstrated their ability to succeed academically are encouraged to apply. If accepted, the students will take two periods of their choice at Sonora High School. They will fulfill the rest of their requirements and electives with college courses at Columbia College.

Additional Information:

Interested in Middle College at Columbia College?
Contact Courtney Castle at Sonora High School, 209.532.5511 ext 119 cccastle@sonorahs.k12.ca.us

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