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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Instructor Packet

Do you have questions pertaining to the semester related to enrollment, student attendance?  The Instructor Packet is a resource that will answer most of your questions pertaining to the semester, from start to finish.  Click on the image to the right to open the PDF document.  Use the first page to navigate to the section of the packet that best matches your question; for example, if you have grading questions, you will likely find your answer in the "End of Term" section that is coded in dark blue.  Simply click on that section and you will be taken to the correct page of the packet, saving you the time of flipping through pages in search of the information. This packet is updated every semester and also emailed to all instructors at the start of each semester. 
Instructor Packet  
If you have questions regarding the Instructor Packet, contact Patricia Ramirez in the Admissions and Records Office at (209) 588-5232 or


Printing a Roll Sheet

Your electronic/online rosters are available to download by logging into connectColumbia. Please refer to the links below for details instructions on how to download the roll sheets from connectColumbia.

Steps to getting a roll sheet style printout:

If you need assistance accessing your roll sheet/roster, please contact Margo Guzman,  Director of Technology & Media Services at Columbia College. Margo may be reached at x5222 (209-575-5222) or by email:


Counselor Documents

Evaluation Request (For Counseling Use)
Use this form to submit a request for an evaluation of a student's records. Open the PDF document, complete the form, print and submit to the Admissions and Records Office.

Degree Audit Discrepancy (For Counseling Use)
Use this form to report a problem/issue/mistake (overall discrepancy) in the Degree Audit program. Open the PDF document, complete the form, print and submit to Rickee Hill in the Admissions and Records Office.  Feel free to attach additional documentation or notes that you may have related to the discrepancy.

Verification of Intent to Earn Associate of Arts / Science Degree for Transfer (AA-T / AS-T)
The student should obtain this form from his/her counselor. It should be completed by the student and accompany the Graduation Application for the given semester. The Verification of Intent to Earn an Associate of Arts/Science Degree and the Graduation Application should be submitted at the same time to the Admissions and Records Office. This process needs to be done in a timely manner due to the deadlines for submitting the verification at the transfer school.