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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer-assisted study session program offered for courses with historically high attrition rates in which students often benefit from additional academic assistance.

SI sessions are led by SI leaders, students who have demonstrated mastery of course content and who are recommended by department faculty. SI leaders attend lectures, take notes, read assigned materials, and help peers integrate course content and study skills in a group setting.  SI leaders are trained in SI techniques created by the University of Missouri at Kansas City International Center for Supplemental Instruction

  • All SI sessions are free to registered Columbia College students.
  • Students can show up to sessions at any point in the semester.

To learn more about Columbia College's SI Program, contact the AAC at 588-5088.

SI Spring 2016

Schedules for SI Sessions by location:

Sessions held in the AAC -Coming soon

Sessions held in the TRC- Coming Soon

In Fall 2015, the AAC offered SI in the following courses:

Biology 10 (Anatomy)
Biology 60 (Physiology)
Biology 65 (Microbiology)
Chemistry 5 (Introduction to Chemistry: Environmental)
Chemistry 14 (Fundamentals of Chemistry)
English 151 (Preparation for Composition)
History 17 (United States: 1877 to Present)
Math 602 (Pre-algebra)
Math 104 (Algebra II)
Political Science 10 (Constitutional Government)

Students interested in becoming SI leaders should talk to their course instructor and  complete the AAC application packet on the AAC's Prospective Tutors page. 

Faculty interested in having SI for their course should contact the AAC Coordinator for more information.