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Assessment Tools and Resources

Assessment Tools and Resources

Student Success is our Bottom Line!

Now the question is; what defines student success and how do we know if we are achieving it? Throughout the college, assessment tools of every kind are already being used by faculty and staff to measure many aspects of student life on campus, from grades to degree completion to demographic information. As each area of campus develops Student Learning Outcomes, it is necessary to review our assessment tools for both validity and reliability.  Are the assessment tools we use actually measuring what we need them to and are they doing it consistently from one student to the next?

Within our Student Learning Outcomes development, finding appropriate assessment tools, norming them as appropriate with our colleagues, applying them and reviewing the data, identifying strategies for improvement based on the data collected are key areas but the good news is we are already doing much of the work required.  We simply need to start with what we are already doing in the area of assessment and review for it's fit in the SLOAC.

  • Are the assessments currently being used thoroughly measuring the Student Learning Outcomes I have developed?
  • Do my assessments align with certificate, departmental, degree or institutional goals?
  • Can I identify where program/college SLOs are being measured in my existing courses?
  • Do I retain and analyze the results of my current assessment tools to identify strategies for improvement?

Below you will find information and links to a variety of resources on assessment tools, both theoretical and practical.  Start by fine-tuning what you already use and perhaps formalize the way you collect, track and analyze the data.  If you would like to try some new tools there are links to some that have been implemented by your colleagues. If you have examples and/or resources you would like to share, please contact any of the members of the SLO Work Group

Remember!! Collecting data is not equivalent to improvement in Student Learning Outcomes.  We need to focus on using the data we gather to identify and implement improvement plans, whether that be in instruction, curriculum, student support or motivation and engagement of students.

Try Some New Tools!

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